What is GrowthChain?

A blockchain marketing agency looking to break the boundaries

We're a hyper-focused growth marketing company looking to disrupt the blockchain space

Why we started GrowthChain

Being enthralled with cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs and web3 we were fascinated as we were seeing the growth of some incredibly ingenious blockchain companies entering the space.

They all had so much to offer with some absolutely innovative tech, platforms, and currencies but they all had a similar pitfall. Their marketing was lacklustre. We could not blame them, as this space was so new, the best way to market these products were still being tested and developed.

Companies began employing standard marketing agencies who ultimately were not bringing in the required results and in essence not being able to deliver results in an ever-changing digital space. This is exactly why we launched GrowthChain, a marketing company specifically manufactured to aiding cryptocurrency and blockchain companies to garner more users, enhance ROI, and ultimately succeed. 

Our belief and passion for marketing for crypto and blockchain is as great as ever and we are thrilled to be in such a growing industry, being a part of  the most incredible technological revolution of our lifetime.

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