4 Ways to use Enjin for your Blockchain Game

September 16, 2021

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Enjin is an Ethereum based ecosystem that allows the integration of tokenized digital assets (NFTs) and allows the creation, distribution, trading, and storage of in-game items.

The Enjin platform is primarily focused on creating tradable gaming assets. It provides all the necessary tools that a game developer needs. With Enjin, you can issue special in-game items like swords, weapon skins or characters as NFTs that players can own and use in the game or transfer from one game to another.

Enjin provides gamers everything they need in order to use, trade ad store these assets.

History of Enjin

Enjin started as a community gaming platform back in 2009 by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski. In 2017, Enjin raised around $18.9 million from its ICO, where they launched Enjin coins and launched the main net in 2018. 

What is Enjin Coin?

Enjin Coin is the official currency of the Enjin platform. Enjin Coin is the currency as well as a utility token for the Enjin platform. Game developers can use ENJ to create NFTs on the Enjin platform. It can be anything such as a weapon, a dress or collectible cards. 

Every NFT created on the Enjin platform is backed by ENJ and contains a certain amount of Enjin coins within it. This process of creating an NFT from Enjin Coin is known as minting.

A unique feature of the Enjin platform is that you can reverse the minting process by melting the NFT and get back the Enjin coins. Since ENJ is a cryptocurrency, it gives these NFTs a real-world value and opens up a whole new world of the gaming economy.

In this article, we’ll see how you can use Enjin for your blockchain game.  

4 Ways to use Enjin for your crypto game

Using Enjin marketplace

NFT marketplaces allow users to trade in-game assets for real money. You can use these marketplaces to promote your blockchain game. Moreover, Enjin platform has one of the best marketplaces for trading in-game items coupled with the fact that it is one of the most simple and straightforward marketplaces to use. 

What’s more interesting is that people are already trading in-game assets on the Enjin marketplace for games that are not even released yet.

Enjin’s marketplace has a massive userbase that you can organically use to promote your game. You can list exclusive in-game assets on the marketplace to generate buzz around your game. Moreover, every NFT on Enjin is backed by Enjin Coins that players would like to collect by playing your game, resulting in increased popularity of your game.    

Launch your own in-game currency

Today almost every game has its own currency through which players can purchase in-game items by swapping fiat currency such as USD or Euro for the game’s currency. The in-game currency has become a crucial aspect for any game as it allows the players to purchase items inside the game. 

In traditional games, the value of these currencies is decided by the game developers. The developers can increase or decrease the price as per their choice.

Through the Enjin platform, you can launch your own cryptocurrency for your game that is backed by the Enjin Coin. The token has a limited supply of 1 billion, making it a scarce resource. Hence, providing a real-world value to your in-game currency. Now, this might not help you in the direct marketing of your game but, it’ll create a strong case for your other marketing efforts and can be a value edition for your game.

Connect your game with other games through Enjin metaverse

Enjin platform has its own metaverse that connects several different gaming worlds together and provides an open gaming ecosystem. Through metaverse, you can allow players to import assets from other blockchain games. 

You can use metaverse to promote your game by enabling users to import assets from a popular game or collaborate with other game developers to create a connected reality with other games. 

Create airdrop campaigns through Enjin beam

Enjin provides its own wallet, which is one of the best NFT wallets out there. Enjin wallet supports ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens. These are the token standards to create in-game assets and NFTs. 

Enjin wallet has a great feature known as Enjin beam that allows you to embed NFTs within a QR code. Players can simply scan the QR code and own the NFTs.

You can use Enjin beam to create airdrop campaigns for your in-game assets. This is a pretty cool way to create engagement and bring new players to try your game while rewarding them in the process. You can also build hype around your game by launching limited edition assets through Enjin beam.


Blockchain has evolved the gaming industry providing developers with a whole new way of creating and promoting their games. The ways in which you can boost your games are endless. Check out the 6 Ways to Market your Blockchain Game to Mainstream Gamers article to know more about strategies to promote your blockchain games.

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