The Ultimate Crypto Gift Guide

December 4, 2023

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The Holiday Season is just around the bend... Some people look forward to picking out and gifting presents to family and friends while others lose sleep over what to gift loved ones. Who can blame them? It's a common occurrence: many presents end up either gathering dust, being passed along to someone else, or finding their way to thrift stores or charities.

However, for those immersed in the world of cryptocurrency, gifts related to crypto assets are nothing short of thrilling. But if you're not well-versed in the realm of crypto, selecting the perfect crypto-themed gift can be a bit of a puzzle.

Gifting cryptocurrency is increasingly popular, offering a unique way to introduce friends or family to the crypto world. For gifts below a certain threshold — $16,000 in 2022, and $17,000 in 2023 — it's even tax-exempt in some countries.

It's important to remember, though, that cryptocurrency investments are quite speculative, with frequent price fluctuations. As such, high-risk assets like crypto should only constitute a minor portion of one’s overall investment portfolio; this caution extends to financial gifts as well. It's generally advisable to opt for well-known cryptocurrencies, especially if the recipient isn't deeply acquainted with the crypto space.

There are numerous methods to gift digital currencies and tokens, many of which are fun and cost-effective.

Considering Crypto Gifts but Not Well-Versed in Crypto?

If you're not deeply immersed in the crypto world but shopping for a cryptocurrency enthusiast, a quick primer on why some are ardent crypto enthusiasts might be useful.

Think of the crypto universe as akin to a club. Similar to a sports league with various teams and their respective fans, the crypto world boasts numerous projects, each with its own fervent supporters.

This analogy is vital when picking out a token-specific gift. For instance, if your recipient is an avid Cardano supporter but not fond of Solana, gifting something related to Solana might be as poorly received as a pair of worn, holey, odorous socks.

If you're unsure about their preferred crypto merch, avoiding single-coin-centric gifts is wise. A safer choice could be something Bitcoin-themed. Bitcoin is highly revered in the crypto community, often considered the pioneering token, the cornerstone of all cryptocurrencies.

Many crypto gift ideas you'll find are multi-coin themed, as indicated by the various logos and colors. These tend to be a safe pick if you're uncertain about someone's favourite token.

Crypto enthusiasts often pursue the dream of true financial freedom - not just in terms of wealth, but also in trusting a monetary system free from authoritarian control, unlike our current financial system. This utopian aspiration is seen as achievable through decentralized cryptocurrencies.

While I've compared crypto fans to sports team supporters, it's more profound. Crypto represents a movement, a revolution, aimed at rectifying the flaws and corruption in the existing financial, industrial, and even governmental systems.

So, yes, people are deeply passionate about crypto, which is why a crypto-themed gift can resonate so strongly with someone's ethos. Such a gift also reflects your thoughtfulness about their passion.

Crypto gifts are not just about flaunting membership in the "crypto club." They are a way to express allegiance to a favoured coin or project beyond mere investment and to evangelize the crypto gospel to newcomers.

Trezor Safe 3: Crypto Wallet

Trezor Safe 3

Following the FTX collapse, cryptocurrency users increasingly turn to self-custody, a concept that can be daunting for those new to crypto. The Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet addresses this challenge. It's designed for newcomers and crypto lovers alike, featuring a user-friendly design reminiscent of mainstream consumer electronics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Decrypt lauded it as “a cost-effective way to self-custody for crypto newcomers and veterans alike.” This crypto wallet could be a valuable stocking stuffer, offering significant utility for crypto holders who want to safeguard their digital assets.

Priced at $79, a brilliant crypto gift and is available on

Pudgy Penguins 12-Inch Huggable Plush

Pudgy Penguins 12-Inch Huggable Plush

This isn't just a cute toy; it's a potential introduction to NFT collecting and Web3 gaming. The Pudgy Penguins plush, inspired by the popular Ethereum NFT series, comes with a free NFT (minted on zkSync Era). This NFT is obtainable by scanning the QR code included with the plush, granting access to the Pudgy World online virtual world. Offering fun and an entry into digital collectibles, this plush is a great gift as it's appealing and affordable.

You can find it for $22 at Walmart.



As winter approaches, the idea of gathering around a warm fire becomes more appealing. Heatbit offers an innovative solution: a space heater that also functions as a crypto miner. While it might not generate substantial earnings, it's specifically designed to help offset some of its electricity costs through crypto mining. This dual-purpose device can warm your space while engaging you in the crypto mining world.

A Book About Crypto

A Book About Crypto

A book on the subject can be an enlightening gift for those curious about blockchain but new to cryptocurrencies. Recommended reads that cover trading indicators, blockchain technology, how to invest in coins to generate a passive income and digital currencies in general include:

  • "The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains" by Antony Lewis
  • "The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order" by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna
  • "Cryptoassets" by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar
  • "The Infinite Machine" by Camila Russo

These are just a few examples; Amazon has a wide selection to explore and find the perfect match for any crypto lover.

Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet

Adhering to the adage “not your private keys, not your crypto,” a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano S ensures complete ownership and security of your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and more. It's a compact, portable, and suitable crypto wallet for all blockchain enthusiasts. For those seeking a more high-end option, the Ledger Nano X is also available, as is a comparable product from Trezor. Crypto wallets like Ledger nano are suitable for more advanced users and make the perfect crypto gift for the tech savvy.

An iPad

An iPad

iPads, especially when used with the Apple Pencil, are excellent for digital art creation. Apps like Procreate enable creators to produce stunning crypto art, which can then be converted into NFTs.


An NFT Gift

For those seeking something more unconventional and visually striking, is a treasure trove of exquisite crypto-themed artwork. This platform showcases creations from a select group of talented artists who share a deep passion for cryptocurrency.

What sets this artwork apart is its unique ability to traverse between the physical and digital realms as NFTs. An art piece from this collection can be "burned" to transition back into the physical world and then "minted" again into an NFT. This feature allows you to display these art pieces in your virtual abode in the metaverse or in your actual living room, offering a versatile and dynamic way to appreciate art in both digital and physical spaces.

An awesome crypto gift for anyone into, crypto art, digital assets, comics, or even card games.

Coinmine One

Coinmine One

The Coinmine One, the flagship product from Coinmine, is engineered to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Essentially, it's a specialized mining computer that simplifies and automates the intricate process of cryptocurrency mining. This device, an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), requires only a stable Wi-Fi connection and the Coinmine app to commence operation. Once operational, it embarks on mining various cryptocurrencies automatically, creating an effortless and potentially profitable setup for users.

Priced competitively, even less than a new iPhone, the Coinmine One is notably user-friendly in its setup. It's designed to be quiet and energy-efficient, and is available in either white or black to suit different aesthetic preferences. Capable of mining a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, it presents a convenient and straightforward solution for those looking to venture into the world of crypto mining.

Coin Vouchers

Coin Vouchers are ideal for those interested in cryptocurrency trading. Available on various sites, including the Coin Voucher website, these vouchers or physical gift cards are thoughtful gifts for budding traders.

The Pomp Letter Subscription

The Pomp Letter Subscription

A subscription to The Pomp Letter, a weekly newsletter by crypto personality Anthony Pompliano, offers insightful analysis of industry changes. Priced at around $100/year, it's a thoughtful gift for someone keen to stay abreast of blockchain trends.

A Seed Wallet

A Seed Wallet

The Seed Wallet is an excellent gift choice for anyone involved in cryptocurrency. Its practicality and utility extend to virtually every crypto holder, regardless of their specific coin preferences or personal tastes in art and clothing. This essential tool is designed for anyone who stores cryptocurrency, whether in a hardware or software wallet. A seed phrase protector like this is a universally needed item in the crypto space, making it a fail-safe gift option for those invested in digital currencies. Store your private keys safely and securely.

USB Crypto Miners: for the Crypto Enthusiast

USB Crypto Miners

USB coin miners, like the Moonlander 2 script miner, are a great gift for those interested in learning about or experimenting with cryptocurrency mining.

Land in Decentraland

Land in Decentraland

For the gamer-cum-crypto enthusiast, a plot in Decentraland could be an intriguing gift. It combines virtual property ownership with a play-to-earn gaming model.

Physical Bitcoin

A physical Bitcoin from Denarium is both a novelty and a functional token for storing digital Bitcoin assets, appealing to both new and seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency Sweater: Crypto Merch

Cryptocurrency Sweater

HodlMoon offers a variety of holiday-themed cryptocurrency sweaters, perfect for the winter season and a fun addition to the wardrobe of any crypto enthusiast.

Benefits of Gifting Cryptocurrency

Gifting cryptocurrency offers several benefits:

Valuable and Engaging

Cryptocurrency gifts provide monetary value and introduce recipients to the dynamic world of decentralized finance and its myriad applications.

Potential for Growth

Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility. This means the value of your gift could significantly increase over time, although it's also susceptible to sudden decreases, mirroring the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency markets.

Ease of Transfer

One of the advantages of cryptocurrency over traditional financial gifts like cash is its ease of transfer. Cryptocurrency can be sent swiftly and directly, making it a convenient gifting option.


There are many crypto-themed gifts to delight your loved ones this holiday season. The real challenge lies in choosing the perfect one. For a straightforward approach, opt for a gift card – think Netflix subscriptions, or simply transfer some cryptocurrency to their wallet. If you're feeling artistic, why not send a heartfelt NFT or surprise them with some cherished crypto-themed merchandise or wall art?

For those just stepping into the crypto realm but eager to master trading, gifting crypto-focused books and online courses can be a great way to bolster their knowledge. And for the tech-savvy, consider gifting a Raspberry Pi, perfect for those interested in running a Bitcoin node.

Among these varied choices, purchasing mining rigs is an exceptionally impressive Christmas gift. While it may set you back over $5,000, its potential for returns over the years makes it a gift that keeps on giving.

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