User Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns: Harnessing Community Creativity

August 22, 2023

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Creating a lively and involved community is incredibly important in the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrency. It goes beyond just the technical aspects, like the code, technology, and fancy designs with impressive descriptions. A strong community is vital for the success of any cryptocurrency project. From the beginning, when the idea is first formed, all the way to when the project is listed on exchanges, and even throughout its existence, the community’s support keeps it moving forward. In this article, we'll explore the essential elements of community building and how it influences the path of a cryptocurrency project.

Creating a community and keeping it engaged starts with content. However, generating fresh content daily can be quite challenging. Consistently tapping into your creative reserves to produce new ideas can exhaust even the most talented content creators. So, what can you do when you find a gap in your posting schedule?

Crypto companies have discovered a clever solution: enlisting their audience to create content for them. With the growing popularity of social media platforms, harnessing user generated content has become a powerful tool for building your brand's reputation.

Curious about the emerging trend and how to get user generated content? In this article, we'll explore the concept of user generated content and uncover effective ways to leverage it for your brand.

The Benefits of User Generated Content Marketing

User Generated Content

Harnessing the power of user-generated content (UGC) is an ingenious marketing strategy with many advantages. Here are some compelling reasons why integrating user generated content into your marketing and content strategy is essential.

Social Proof

People are swayed by the influence of others when making purchasing decisions. The psychology of influence dictates that observing others using a product can tempt individuals to follow suit. By sharing user-generated content, your brand provides valuable social proof of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This, in turn, entices prospective customers to try your products and join the community of satisfied patrons. The impact is further magnified when the user generated content features influential individuals who possess a larger and more engaged audience.


User generated content is perceived as the most genuine form of content according to 60% of consumers. This statistic clearly indicates that people place more trust in user generated content compared to branded content. Genuine individuals showcasing your products have a more profound effect than celebrity endorsements or models. Regular crypto users are relatable to your target audience as consumers trust content created by others, fostering higher trust in user generated content.

Time and Cost Efficiency

By leveraging user generated content for social media posts, website content, and other purposes, you save valuable time that would have been spent on creating original content. This strategy enables you to maintain a consistent and frequent posting schedule across social media platforms without requiring substantial time and effort investment.

Demonstrating Product Use

User generated content offers the advantage of showcasing your products in practical use, alleviating any consumer doubts regarding product functionality. This aspect is particularly valuable for new and innovative products, where customers may be unfamiliar with specific features or usage scenarios. Collaborating with influencers can be particularly effective, as they can create informative how-to videos highlighting product features and various applications.

Using a user generated content marketing strategy not only provides social proof and authenticity but also saves time and money while effectively showcasing the practical use of your crypto products, tokens, services and platforms.

Leveraging a User Generated Content Strategy

The realm of cryptocurrencies presents a fresh frontier for marketing, brimming with user generated content (UGC) that can drive your product or brand forward. A UGC strategy encompasses a wide array of content, spanning blog posts, videos, and social media contributions. Understanding the workings of user generated content and its potential to connect with your target audience and create awareness is paramount.

User generated contentcomprises valuable and intriguing contributions from users who have something meaningful to share about your product or service. By discovering and curating user generated content from satisfied customers, a foundation of trust is established between you and potential customers. This trust becomes a catalyst for influencing the decisions of others who contemplate investing in your cryptocurrency or utilizing it for transactions.

Harnessing the power of peer recommendations, posting user generated content and personal endorsements proves effective in fostering brand loyalty and engagement among your intended audience. Leveraging user generated content empowers you to identify emerging industry trends ahead of the curve and capitalize on them. Furthermore, reviewing authentic user generated content submissions offers profound insights into the minds of your customers for an effective social media strategy. Safely collecting user generated content is imperative to maximize its impact in marketing campaigns. Employing secure mechanisms like Google Forms facilitates customer feedback collection while respecting their privacy rights and data security policies. By gathering user generated content throughout the entire marketing process, you'll make informed decisions that lead to greater success for your business.

User Generated Content (UGC) spans various platforms, and comes in many formats such as: visual content, video content, blog post, Instagram posts, youtube channel reviews or comments, influencer marketing and general brand interaction methods that increase brand awareness and encourage users to visit your website and social media channels. spanning blog posts, photos, and videos. User generated content extends beyond the digital landscape, encompassing traditional marketing channels and other channels like magazines and newspapers.

User generated content boasts several advantages over traditional marketing approaches. Firstly, it is cost-effective, as you can reach the brand's community without hefty advertising expenditures. Moreover, user generated content is inherently engaging, as users can openly share their thoughts and experiences with real customers. This fosters trust within the crypto market by showcasing an engaged and knowledgeable community.

Leveraging user generated content extends beyond building trust; it can also be harnessed to promote your brand in other ways. For instance, you can employ user generated content to create video tutorials or blog posts that educate customers on effectively utilizing your product or service. This enhances customer trust by providing easily understandable and accessible information. However, successful implementation of user generated content marketing strategies comes with its challenges. Ensuring proper curation of all user-generated content is essential to avoid offensive or misleading information. Additionally, integrating your branding efforts seamlessly with a UGC content strategy is crucial for synergistic collaboration towards a common goal. Ultimately, leveraging user-generated content offers numerous benefits over traditional advertising, including broader audience reach and increased brand awareness.

User Generated Content examples and UGC Strategy

There are various types of user generated content a crypto company can leverage to generate interest and engagement. Here are some of the main types of user generated content you should consider to encourage customers to engage with your brand:



Airdrops involve distributing free tokens to users on a predetermined date. Users typically need to complete specific tasks to qualify for the airdrop, which helps generate awareness and excitement for the project. Airdrops can also be used as surprise rewards for existing token holders, further incentivizing their involvement. Commonly, the user generated content campaign attached to the aidrop involves user generated posts being publushed on different social media accounts.


Giveaways and competitions are effective strategies for spreading awareness about a project. These often involve simple actions such as retweeting and tagging friends for a chance to win free coins. In this case, the retweet is the UGC that reaches more users and amplifies the brand's user generated content marketing efforts. Encouraging participation and social sharing, giveaways and competitions help expand the project's reach within social media marketing and attracting potential investors.


Bounty Program

Bounty programs incentivize users to complete specific tasks in exchange for the project's tokens. These tasks can include translating white papers or technical documents into different languages, creating articles or videos, referring others to join the project's social media channels like a Discord or Telegram community, becoming brand advocates or identifying bugs in the project's code. Bounties not only promote engagement but also tap into the diverse skills, the expertise of the community and a way of furthering your influencer marketing.

Exchange Voting

While not offering direct coin rewards, exchange voting competitions allow projects to rally their community and secure a listing on popular exchanges. Being listed on new exchanges can provide liquidity, visibility, and exposure, attracting new investors and potentially increasing the demand and price of the token. The Binance Community Vote is a well-known example of such a competition.


Some projects encourage users to participate in testing activities, such as downloading wallets or testnets, to stress test their blockchain infrastructure and identify any bugs or vulnerabilities. By involving the community in the testing process, projects can tap into their collective knowledge and ensure the stability and security of their platform.

Incorporating these types of user generated content strategies allows crypto companies to foster engagement, build a loyal community, and attract brand partners and new customers. By leveraging the creativity and participation of users, these strategies can generate buzz and drive the project's success.

A Final Word

Creating a community around your brand involves recognizing and valuing active contributors through social listening. Interact with users who consistently generate user generated content (UGC) by leaving comments, liking their posts, and sharing their content on your official social platform. Provide exclusive rewards, shoutouts, or opportunities for collaboration to foster a sense of belonging and encourage ongoing involvement.

A UGC strategy presents a powerful avenue to infuse authenticity, trust, and creativity into digital marketing initiatives for a winning strategy. By leveraging content produced by real consumers, brands can establish genuine connections, amplify engagement, and cultivate brand loyalty – they in turn share user generated content. Digital marketers can unlock the full potential of a user generated content strategy, paving the way for successful and impactful marketing campaigns in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Keep in mind that authenticity is the key to winning over today's discerning crypto community, and user generated content helps to engage them on a personal level. Embrace a user generated content strategy as a strategic asset, and witness your digital campaigns thrive with genuine engagement and brand advocacy.

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