Valuable Email Marketing Strategies for Crypto, DAO, and Web3 Projects

February 18, 2022

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Email marketing is used by brands worldwide to provide personalised content to their customers, convey information about their company, and acquire new customers. With the growing interest in and global adoption of blockchain, and cryptocurrency, as well as,and other vital subsectors such as decentralised finance (DeFi), metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and play-to-earn blockchain games, email marketing can be an effective channel for promoting your crypto project.

At its most fundamental, crypto email marketing will be similar to traditional email marketing. To get started, you'll need a strategy, an email service provider, and an email list if you don't already have one.

Why is using marketing emails crucial for your blockchain project?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most reliable methods of reaching out to your target audience. It allows brands to tailor their message to the varied interests of their customers. Email marketing is very effective when you want to promote your token, conduct NFT airdrops, and increase the awareness of your project. In terms of ROI, many marketers say email is the most effective channel. 

Combining email marketing with other marketing channels can improve the effectiveness of your blockchain project and give you the leverage you require to scale even quicker. Furthermore, email marketing can surpass other digital marketing techniques, like SEO, PPC, and SMM.

Effective email marketing strategies 

1. Define your goal

Choose what you want to accomplish through crypto email marketing based on the nature of your brand and concentrate your efforts in that direction. Having a clear objective in mind can work in the correct course. If you require signups, then buttons inside the email are crucial. If you want to promote your articles, you'll want to automate the process. Moreover, if your overall marketing aim is to raise brand awareness, one of your email marketing goals could be to build your email list.

You and your team will have a clear vision to work toward by defining campaign goals. These goals, however, must be realistic. You can establish objectives within your reach by using concepts such as the SMART framework.

SMART Marketing Objectives

2. Build your email list

To get exponential ROI with email marketing, you must meticulously develop your list from the ground up and regularly keep it up to date. You can't be too picky, but you also shouldn't accept any email you find on the internet. You should plan ahead of time to collect the email addresses of people interested in your brand.

Wherever you promote your brand online has the potential to generate email subscribers. This could involve the following:

- Opt-in forms on landing pages or your website.

- Gated material or content upgrades on blogs.

- Collect email addresses of whitelisted users through discord community gamification.

- Include signup buttons in social network bios and email signatures.

- Hosting airdrop campaigns to acquire email addresses.

3. Create eye-catching subject lines

The subject line is one of the most significant components when it comes to email marketing. The subject lines are what most people use to decide whether or not to open an email. 33% of email users read emails based solely on the subject line, while 69% identify emails as spam solely based on the subject line. So, if your subject lines pique your readers' curiosity, they are more likely to open your emails.

To write effective subject lines, consider the following steps:

- Keep it brief and to the point.

- To make your subject lines stand out, use humour in them.

- Make it look more meaningful by personalising it.

- Use questions to spark people's attention and increase the number of people who open their emails.

- Create a swipe file containing examples from which you can draw inspiration for your copywriting.

4. Write compelling preview text

Writing appealing preview text for your emails has been one of the email marketing strategies that is often disregarded. Preview text is crucial since it can influence a person's decision to open or not open an email. It provides a sneak peek into the email content and whether or not it is relevant to them. As a result, make sure to use the preview language to entice your readers to read your emails. Make it brief and to the point, and use it to convey the most crucial facts.

5. Create effective email copy

You're all set up on the technical aspects of your email campaign, and the email list is ready to go; all you have to do now is work on the email copy. People receive more than 120 emails every day on average. With so many emails competing for attention, it's easy for you to get lost in the clutter. Sure, readers can be attracted by your subject line. However, it is the body copy that converts attention into action.

The only way to differentiate yourself is to keep your emails contextual, making them more relevant to your users and motivating them to open them. For example, if someone purchased cat food from a pet store, they are more likely to react to an email on cat care than one about a dog or fish care. Body copy should assist readers in understanding your offer and how it will benefit them. It doesn't have to be complicated or contain any magical words. It only needs to convey your point.

6. Segment your audience

Email personalisation is a high-converting tactic that should be used more frequently. A hyper-personalised, micro-segmented campaign can work wonders for your blockchain company. When brands provide tailored experiences, 80 per cent of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase.

Create segments that collect user behaviour and interests, and then utilise this data to send targeted emails that target their most pressing needs or challenges. Using segmentation, you may design highly personalised marketing emails for your intended audience.

7. Optimise your emails for mobile

Creating emails that can be viewed on any device is one of the most powerful email marketing strategies for 2022. The majority of individuals prefer to read their emails on the go, using their smartphones or tablets. As a result, when building your email marketing campaigns, always use mobile-responsive decent email templates.

Avoid using huge images that may take a long time to render or download on mobile devices. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point so that they can be read on the phone. Essentially, ensure that your emails look the same on a mobile phone as they do on a desktop computer.

8. Optimise your CTAs

CTA buttons are the elements that cause people to visit your landing page. The content, colour, and location of these CTAs all motivate people to take action. Getting them correctly requires a thorough understanding of your target audience as well as frequent A/B testing.

Follow these tips while optimising your CTAs:

- Use trigger words.

- Call it what it does.

- Add benefits.

Pro Tip: Use email heatmaps to observe how your audience responds to your email content. This will give you a decent indication of where CTAs can be most effective.

9. Actively monitor your performance.

Email marketing data can help you answer crucial questions such as who is reading your emails and what activities they are taking. This information can be utilised to improve future campaigns. Keep track of the metrics that are important to your email marketing plan. While clickthrough rates are the most essential and popular metrics to monitor, a few more should not be overlooked.

Here are the key metrics to pay attention to when analysing emails:

- Open rate.

- Click-through rate.

- Unsubscribe rate.

- Conversion rate.

- Bounce rate.

- List growth rate.

- Sharing rate.

- The overall return on investment.


Email marketing has proven to be adequate time and again. However, email marketing strategies have developed over time, and it is no longer sufficient to send the same email to everyone. Effective emails are based on timing: providing the appropriate information to the right person at the right time in their customer journey. Getting the timing right takes a blend of customer knowledge and email marketing expertise.

You must also put new elements to the test. Trends shift quickly, and what worked a year ago may not work today. Be open to trying new things. When you've figured out what works, look for ways to automate it with triggered emails. Customers will be more responsive if you include these new modifications into your email marketing plan, campaign effectiveness will increase, and your blockchain project will continue to expand.

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