7 IDO Launchpads you should know about to launch your blockchain project

October 19, 2021

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In just a few years, investment options for cryptocurrency investors have increased dramatically, along with the platforms for investing. One such way is to invest through platforms known as launchpads. Launchpads are cryptocurrency platforms that help investors in discovering early-stage cryptocurrency projects before they join the mainstream and facilitates participation in their pre-sale rounds. Crypto launchpads are receiving a lot of attention in recent months.

Decentralized crypto launchpads have reduced the entry barrier imposed by big, centralized exchanges to list new projects on their platforms. Earlier, most new projects hosted their token sales directly from their websites by distributing tokens to retail investors who bought these tokens at a specified price. This process is referred to as an initial coin offering (ICO). In an ICO, investors are bound to hold the token until it gets listed on an exchange. However, investors lost interest in ICOs due to scams and regulations.

New ICO alternatives have risen in recent years. The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is one such way.

What is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO)?

A decentralized crowdfunding strategy in which new blockchain projects distribute coins via a decentralized trading platform, also known as a decentralized exchange, is known as an IDO. A decentralized exchange is an open-source blockchain trading platform that facilitates peer-to-peer trading through liquidity pools and smart contracts. 

The primary purpose for the development of IDOs is to overcome the problems of previous models such as ICO, STO, and IEO. Because anyone can organize an IDO, an increasing number of businesses are considering using them for fundraising.

The benefits of IDO

Instant Liquidity

The liquidity of a token is indeed crucial. If a token cannot provide immediate liquidity, its value can fall. In DEX, a liquidity pool provides liquidity at all price levels with no slippage. In IDOs, to support token swapping in the liquidity pool, the project must first provide some value for the tokens in order for them to obtain liquidity.

Instant Buying and Selling

Investors can begin trading a project's token as soon as it is launched. During the IDO, early token purchasers can sell their tokens for a higher price. When the first investor purchases a token, the price begins to rise.

Lower fees

If a project's token uses a decentralized exchange, deploying a new smart contract simply costs a few dollars in fees since smart contracts manage the tokens and liquidity pools. 

Effective fundraising methods that are both fair and secure

Unlike traditional fundraising methods, the IDO launch allows quick token generation and liquidity. Initially, individual investors purchase a large number of tokens at a discounted price. When the token goes on sale on the exchanges, its value increases.

Exploring the top seven crypto launchpads for your blockchain project

1. UniCrypt

UniCrypt is an autonomous multichain crypto launchpad that was introduced to the crypto space in late 2020. The platform is an emerging launchpad that aims to provide the best possible environment for new blockchain projects as well as investors by emphasizing user trust and building a larger community.

The platform intends to tackle the issues regarding funding and marketing faced by new projects, as well as to provide proper assistance and guidance to new projects. UniCrypt's platform allows anyone to host funding rounds. It is simple to launch a project on UniCrypt. To be listed on UniCrypt, a project must first issue its token and set a soft and hard cap.

UniCrypt allows a maximum of two rounds for its presale, in which the first round is reserved for UniCrypt’s native token holders, and the second round is for everyone. However, projects can specify the whitelisted addresses. You can also specify your preferred currency you would want to raise tokens. Token pre-sales typically end within minutes of their start. Another crucial factor to note is that projects launching their tokens must lock at least 30% of the liquidity on UniSwap. Platforms should, however, lock more than the amount required.

Unlike other centralized or decentralized launchpads, UniCrypt provides an entirely autonomous approach that prioritizes inclusion, simplicity, and fairness while providing investors with access to rare and emerging crypto projects.

2. UniLayer

UniLayer is a cryptocurrency launchpad, decentralized exchange (DEX), and NFT marketplace. New projects on UniLayer must go through a vetting procedure to assure legitimacy and safeguard investors from scams. The platform uses smart contracts to automatically allot tokens to the investors. 

UniLayer is a next-generation decentralized trading platform built on top of UniSwap that allows crucial features for professional-level trading via its LAYER utility token, with an emphasis on automated swapping and liquidity management, staking, farming, charting and analytics, and a live order book.

As a flash staking reward, LAYER stakers can receive FREE tokens (airdropped instantly) Projects will have the option of airdropping a percentage of their total supply to UniLayer stakeholders ranging from 1% to 3%. LAYER stakeholders also receive 1% of all ETH collected for ALL initiatives launched on the UniLayer Launchpad.

3. BSC Pad

The BSC Pad is an IDO launchpad created by Binance, one of the world's largest centralized exchanges, for its decentralized blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain. BSC Pad is one of the first IDO platforms to be developed on Binance Smart Chain, intending to provide a fair launchpad for new projects as well as a reward system for investors.

The launchpad serves as a distribution and liquidity platform for blockchain projects. The platform also rewards token holders with a guaranteed slot during token allocation and a lower entry barrier.

For project launches, BSC Launchpad has a tier system. To ensure fairness and a completely decentralized launch system, there are two rounds. The spots are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Polkstarter

Polkstarter is a cryptocurrency launchpad for new projects and token sales on the Polkadot blockchain network. POLS is the native token of Polkstarter. POLS token holders have first dibs on token launches. Polkstarter also provides non-POLS token holders with access to public launch pools. The token price and the number of tokens allocated can fluctuate between POLS pools and non-POLS pools, as well as between projects. 

Polkstarter is built on the Polkadot network, which is highly interoperable. It benefits from all of Polkadot's features, including the liquidity of Ethereum and other top blockchains. A large portion of the platform's potential is related to its cross-chain development. Polkstarter is a platform that allows projects to create their own interoperable token pools. Given that popular platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to experience network congestion, the Polkadot ecosystem and the Polkstarter platform can be extremely rewarding and advantageous for forthcoming initiatives. 

Polkstarter has a strong track record of releasing popular tokens such as ExceedMe, Fire Protocol, and MahaDao. Polkstarter also hosted the launch of another launchpad called the PAID network. Polkstarter token sale events have typically sold out in record time (in 10 seconds!), with several token launches being highly oversubscribed. Polkstarter has proven to be the most successful in terms of investment returns to date. Return rates, however, vary, and it is critical to conduct research and due diligence before investing in a new business. 

5. Occam.fi

Occam.fi is a DeFi pioneer in the Cardano ecosystem, offering a bundle of DeFi-tailored Cardano blockchain solutions— a launchpad, a DEX, as well as a DAO. Occam.fi is supported financially by Cardano firms Emurgo and cFund (IOHK). As a result, it has grown significantly quicker than the other platforms in the Cardano ecosystem.

The Occam.fi team's initial DeFi product was OccamRazer, the first-ever comprehensive launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem. To date, 7 IDOs have been held on OccamRazer, with some of the IDOs selling out immediately. 

To take part in an IDO on OccamRazer, you must stake OCC, the Occam.Fi native currency. It provides a tiered IDO participation structure that combines a lottery and guaranteed allocations. To participate in the IDOs, there are five different tiers of investment: Participation is not guaranteed at the first three stages. The last two levels, on the other hand, guarantee participation. Obtaining a guaranteed allocation on OccamRazer is an expensive endeavor. You must stake $100,000 or $40,000 in OCC, but it is well worth it. 

6. PAID Network – Ignition

Ignition, which operates as a decentralized trading protocol, enables blockchain-based projects to offer private and public token auctions to participants by leveraging both PAID Network and Polkadot technologies. PAID token holders can participate in curated and uniquely private and public token auctions through Ignition.

Ignition is a powerful launchpad for new projects to take off. Ignition’s platform provides both the infrastructure required and a strong support system needed to assist the new projects with liquidity auctioning and the opportunity to achieve exponential market growth in record time. 

Ignition began with Ethereum based projects utilizing the ERC-20 standard and soon after added multi-chain compatibility through Polkadot. Ignition lays a strong focus on creating a loyal community that will benefit both projects and investors in the long run. To participate in an IDO on Ignition, users must have a minimum of 10,000 PAID tokens. Moreover, project investors are incentivized to hold their new project tokens rather than selling them. The longer they hold the new tokens from earlier Ignition offerings, the more likely they are to win lottery tickets to future Ignition IDOs. 


SOLPAD is Solana's first multichain IDO platform, enabling companies to raise funding on a decentralized platform based on the Solana blockchain. Solpad's mission is to become the go-to IDO platform, connecting all major Layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, and others. Solpad allows users to take part in totally reliable and secure services like crowdfunding, private and public sales, liquidity mining, staking, multichain trading, and many more. 

SolPad provides everyone with an equal opportunity to invest in IDO projects. With a tiered structure that favors PAD token holders, the opportunity to purchase IDO. Users just need to stake a particular quantity of PAD tokens for a set amount of time before the sale date. Users will be split into different level pools based on the quantity of staked PAD tokens. The number of tokens available for purchase will be split evenly across pool participants.


Crypto launchpads, like the technology that rules these auctions, are still in their infancy. It will undoubtedly take time for the launchpads to address the challenges and strike a balance between enabling decentralization and ensuring security. The launchpads could become the most popular blockchain-based fundraising platform in the future.

So, in order to take advantage of this new type of finance and build your IDO, we can provide you with the necessary strategies for your IDO launch.

We have experience developing and launching initial DEX offerings. We will learn about your requirements and present you with the best solutions for your company.

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