8 Tip to use Medium for your Blockchain Project

August 28, 2021

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Having a regularly updated blog is crucial for your blockchain project. But it can take months to get on the first page of a search engine and get traffic through your blogs. In this fast-paced world, you need a platform that can help you get in front of a large audience through your content. The platform that we want to talk about is Medium.

What is Medium?

Medium is a publishing network that provides a writing platform for everyone to share their work with a large audience in almost every niche. It offers a simple publishing tool combined with a clean UI for reading as well as writing. The platform gets over 400 million views per month, making it the go-to platform for companies to increase brand awareness and get traffic on their website.

On Medium, you can create third-party embeds, through which you can include videos and posts from different platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. Medium also provides an option to create a custom domain for your profile. You can also customize the layout of your profile.

Why do blockchain projects prefer Medium for content distribution?

Medium is home to some of the most insightful writers and publications from the world. Moreover, it has a sizeable distribution network with readers in almost every niche. Medium also has a large crowd of readers for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Having your presence on Medium can guarantee exposure and brand awareness for your blockchain project. 

With one of the highest domain authority of 96, Medium’s platform is highly optimized for SEO. Therefore, getting yourself on Medium can result in getting traffic on your website.

Use Medium’s platform for creating educational content around your blockchain project. Showcase your products and services or write in-depth articles for your niche and product announcements.  

How to publish an article on Medium

While publishing an article on Medium is pretty simple and straightforward, they do have few checkpoints in place for crypto and blockchain projects to prevent fraud:

Creating an account on Medium

1. Create your Medium account.

2. Add your brand logo.

3. Include a link to your website in your user account bio.

4. Use an email address from your domain name to verify your Medium account

5. Include the link to your about page from the website.

Publishing an Article on Medium

Step 1: To add a story, click or hover on your profile picture from the top right corner and click on, Write your Story.

Step 2: Write your article.

Step 3: Add photos by selecting the + button and then click on the camera icon.

Step 4: After writing your post click on Publish and add a cover image, tags, and subtitle for your story.

Step 5: After making the necessary changes click on Publish Now.

Our best strategies for Medium: Everything you need to know about Medium

1. Interact with readers

On Medium, your readers can interact with you in several ways. Either by leaving comments on your article or by clapping. Regularly respond to the comments to increase interaction on your profile. 

Responding when the content is fresh in the minds of your readers can increase your chances of getting a follow back.  

2. Submit your articles in relevant publications

There are several big and small publication on Medium’s platform that allows guest publishing on their profile. You can make a list of publications that are relevant to your audience.

With publications, you can distribute your content in front of thousands of readers interested in learning more about your niche or industry event if they don’t follow you. 

3. Use analytics to get insights

Medium provides monthly and weekly stats like article views, how many people read your article, engagement, and more for your content.

Check your Medium stats regularly to understand what content resonates most with your audience and double down on that.

You can also add UTM parameters while sharing your article on different platforms to understand where you are receiving the most referrals.

4. Use Medium letters

Not many people know this, but Medium has a really cool feature known as Medium letters that allows you to send newsletter-style emails to your readers. 

Sending timely Medium letters can be a powerful strategy for your blockchain project. It can result in increased audience interaction with you.

Don’t forget to add visual elements in your Medium letter with some personal touch to grab attention. 

5. Get a custom Medium URL

Migrate your medium profile link from the longer medium.com URL to your website’s subdomain like blog.myblockchainpreoject.com. Having a custom domain for your Medium profile can boost your SEO efforts. 

To create your own subdomain, you need to submit a request on Medium's customer support. On approval, you will receive the details on how to create a custom domain for your Medium profile. 

6. Optimize for SEO

Medium’s platform is highly optimized for SEO. When writing a medium article, do proper keyword research and include relevant keywords in your articles and the title. You can also add keywords in image alt tags.

Optimizing for SEO can help you rank your articles on Medium’s platform as well as on search engines. 

7. Link your website, and social media channels

Unlike some social media platforms, Medium gives you the liberty to include external links in your posts. You can leverage this by adding a call to action in your posts, inviting readers to visit your website or join your community.

8. Add visuals

Having visuals in your Medium articles can have an enormous impact on your audience engagement metric. Include relevant images, videos, infographics, and so on to grab the reader’s attention much faster and efficiently.

Medium also allows seamless integration with third-party websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can add your posts and videos from these platforms to increase traction among your audience.

Over to you

Medium provides a huge opportunity to accelerate user growth for your blockchain project. When writing for Medium, keep in mind that Medium is designed to prioritize quality content based on feedback given from readers through claps, comments, shares, etc. Hopefully you now have more insights in how to use medium for blogging efficiently on your blockchain project.

If you are looking for someone who can help you with your marketing efforts so that you can focus on developing your blockchain idea. We are here to help you by managing the marketing aspect of your product/service. You can also check out our blockchain marketing guide for more information.

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