How to Find Discord Mods for your Web3 Startup

November 8, 2023

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Establishing your Discord server allows you to foster a lasting community that goes beyond the foundational content. Yet, proactive moderation is essential on any digital platform to nurture and safeguard your members. In this piece, we'll delve into the vital role of a Discord moderator and how they can be pivotal in steering your community. We'll discuss the responsibilities of a Discord mod, the qualities of an exceptional moderator, and avenues to scout for mods for your server.

Discord has emerged as a welcoming environment for vibrant online communities, becoming a hub of conversation where like-minded individuals converge and converse.

Frequently, Discord serves as the central digital gathering point for NFT ventures, cryptocurrency enterprises, and gaming aficionados.

For entrepreneurs, dedicating your hours to oversee your Discord server might not be the most efficient allocation of your invaluable time.

Thus, the a need to find reliable and experienced Discord mods to enforce your server rules. But where do you look for them and how do you know who’s good and who isn’t? We’ll answer these questions in this article.

What is a Discord Server Mod?

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On Discord, some servers require maintenance and supervision. This often sees the server owner or owner taking up the role of the initial moderator. However, as the community flourishes, it's common for creators to onboard additional Discord admins and harness the power of Discord's built-in functionalities, like its AutoMod feature and various moderation bots, to oversee the server and handle intricate server settings.

For Web3 startups that utilize Discord servers, these Discord moderators bridge the gap between the project's founders and Discord communities. A dedicated Discord mod ensures that the server remains orderly, letting you concentrate on other facets of your venture.

It's crucial to differentiate between a Discord mod and a Discord community manager. While a Discord admin's primary duty revolves around overseeing the server and ensuring a conducive environment for its members, a community manager focuses on delineating community norms and spearheading impactful marketing initiatives. Furthermore, community managers guide Discord admins, establish the server's objectives, enforce server rules, actively engage with Discord users, and curate content.

There might be instances where the roles of a Discord mod and a community manager intersect. For example, a community manager might also address members' inquiries or provide feedback.

The onus of maintaining community engagement often falls on the Discord community manager. They forge meaningful bonds with members, engender trust among followers, and routinely assess their server's trajectory, especially in business-centric communities executing projects.

Like Discord mods, the community manager is integral to expanding their Discord server. In the absence of such a figure, business-driven groups, like those in the crypto realm, could face hurdles in executing successful marketing strategies, amplifying their brand's reach, or even in promptly addressing feedback and incorporating suggestions.

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What is the Role of the Discord Mod?

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A good Discord admin has a significant role with a spectrum of duties. Beyond upholding the server's established norms and adhering to Discord's Community Guidelines, they play a pivotal role in moderating discussions and content. It's their call to greenlight or red-flag specific dialogues or materials on the server as well as delete messages. When faced with transgressions by any member, the onus falls on the Discord mod to mete out the necessary repercussions.

Their moderation scope isn't limited to just that. Discord moderators are adept at bot management, message deletion, member invitations, and imposing suspensions or bans on rule-breakers. They stand as the first line of support for server members, aiming to nix problems before they escalate to Discord’s Trust & Safety wing. Furthermore, they might be entrusted with the design, organization, and oversight of a server's various channels. Their tasks encompass purging fraudulent posts, ousting spamming bots, and directing members to relevant channels.

Moreover, Discord mods can deploy Discord bots to streamline specific functions like greeting newcomers and sieving out spam. If collaborating with a corporate entity, the mod might also utilize the platform to enlighten members about the perks of the associated brand or initiative.

How to Find a Good Discord Moderator for Your Server?

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Securing a proficient Discord mod or a skilled community manager can pose its challenges. Here's a guide to assist you in your hunt for Discord mods:

  1. Start by distinguishing the traits that define an exemplary Discord mod. What attributes should an aspiring Discord mod exhibit? Based on these, outline the role's duties.
  2. One of the most promising avenues to discover Discord mods is within Discord itself. Seek out seasoned members of the community or delve into your own server to spot engaged participants.
  3. Issue a public invitation for Discord mod positions on your server. Prompt interested candidates to complete an application procedure.
  4. Explore platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. These sites can connect you with freelancers who have a track record in community management or those who have previously served as Discord mods.

What Makes a Good Moderator on Discord Servers?

In your quest for a new moderator, prioritize candidates who are active contributors to your community. Entrust this crucial role to someone who not only carries a sense of responsibility but is also aligned with your community's broader vision. Such mods are instrumental in nurturing a cohesive and thriving Discord community.

The best moderators are not just active but also approachable, always at the forefront to answer questions and assist fellow members. While daily logins aren't a mandate, their presence in chats should be recurrent. Seek out individuals who maintain consistent activity and foster positive ties with other community members.

A good moderator's maturity and responsibility is paramount. They should possess a deep understanding of the community guidelines, ensuring they're applied justly. It's essential for mods to approach their duties with gravitas to maintain a secure and flourishing community ambiance.

The ideology of your mod team should mirror your aspirations for the Discord community. Cohesion in understanding the boundaries of acceptable behavior and the type of engagements to promote is essential.

Best Places to Find a Discord Mod

As you're now equipped with the understanding of the attributes a proficient Discord moderator should embody, it's time to commence the hunt for suitable candidates. It's beneficial to zero in on a candidate who boasts prior experience in community management, potentially even in analogous platforms such as Reddit.

For instance, a well-regarded creator could be an excellent choice given their familiarity with managing diverse fan bases. Yet, their commitments might hinder them from donning the moderator hat for another creator.

Interestingly, seasoned community participants often emerge as the most adept moderators. Individuals who have devoted considerable time on your Discord server inherently grasp the nuances of your unique community, encompassing its shared passions, traditions, and characteristic humor.

It's not uncommon for community members to naturally exhibit leadership traits. They might proactively mediate conflicts or lend a hand during large server events. Essentially, they exude moderator qualities even in the absence of an official title.

To streamline the process, here's a brief list of optimal sources to look for Discord mods:

Professional Agencies

GrowthChain Homepage

Delegating moderation duties to a professional agency ensures dedicated attention to your Discord server. Such agencies, like GrowthChain, grant access to new moderators who can step into the roles of Discord mods or community managers. When collaborating with an agency, ascertain their expertise in online community management.

For Web3 startups, partnering with agencies is invaluable. The agency should also present a comprehensive strategy for Discord community management. An experienced agency will offer tailored Discord management solutions. Their services might encompass enhancing your digital footprint, fostering rapport with your audience, and drawing prime investors to your venture. Additionally, the agency must be adept at establishing and steering your Discord server, devising content, orchestrating online events, engaging the community, and monitoring server growth.


Fiverr Homepage

Fiverr stands out as an ideal platform to uncover Discord mods. Here, seasoned professionals offer their expertise to manage and steer your digital community. Prospective freelancers' Gig pages provide insights into their portfolios, feedback, and offerings. It's advisable to liaise with the freelancer and ask some questions during the job interview as well as outline your project specifications before engagement.

Discord Home

Discord Home Homepage

Discord Home is a tailored platform addressing all Discord user-centric requisites. It facilitates the hiring of personnel, such as Discord mods, advertises vacancies, and even helps discover Discord server collaborators. Dive in to explore profiles of potential Discord mods.


Upwork Homepage

Upwork is a premier destination to scout for Discord mods. The platform provides the flexibility to draft a job listing or directly search for a fitting Discord mod.

Niche Platforms

There's a plethora of specialized platforms, especially those honing in on crypto-centric roles, where you can create draft job listings or sift through their repositories to identify potential Discord mods.

Your Community Members

An Engaged and dedicated community member often makes an excellent Discord admin. They understand your project, share your vision, and are familiar with the community's dynamics. Seek individuals who actively participate, are approachable, and exhibit qualities like responsibility and maturity.

When selecting community members as moderators, prioritize those who are active and readily available to assist fellow members. Their regular presence in chats ensures a vibrant and well-moderated community. By choosing moderators from your community, you tap into their deep understanding of the community's culture, passions, and traditions.

To begin, announce your search for moderators within your community and invite interested candidates to step forward. This approach not only strengthens the community's sense of ownership but also forges a deeper connection between your project and its dedicated members.

A Final Word about Discord Moderators

Embarking on the journey to onboard a new Discord mod can seem overwhelming. To alleviate some of the apprehensions, it might be beneficial to introduce a probationary phase for newcomers. This trial period allows you to familiarize yourself with the mods prior to entrusting them with greater responsibilities and channel permissions. It's essential to recognize that moderators might not always be perennial fixtures. External commitments might encroach upon their allegiance to the community, and transitioning to fresh moderators when the situation demands is perfectly acceptable. Regardless of your selection for the Discord moderation team or admin, the paramount objective should be the wellbeing and support of your online community.

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