19 Discord Bots To Increase Your Crypto Discord Server's Growth

May 20, 2022

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Community Management

In the crypto and NFT space, Discord has become a preferred medium for building communities because of its features and flexibility. Your community can be effectively managed with Discord because of its intuitive user interface and the ability to set up several channels inside a single server. As the crypto space continues to evolve, Discord's role in connecting members of this vibrant and diverse industry grows increasingly important.

Furthermore, Discord allows you to utilize bots to assist you and your mods in community management and engagement.

What are Discord bots?

Discord bots are automated programs that can be used to enhance the functionality of your Discord servers while also establishing a pleasant community experience among users with mutual interests. A good Discord bot is an essential tool for any great Discord server. They make moderation simple, and they are essential if you want to build your community while still keeping your users happy and secure.

Through Discord bots, you can add endless additional features to your server, such as mod functionalities, music, games, polls, rewards, events, support tickets, and so on, and improve the experience of your community members while boosting the traction for your server.

How to add a Discord bot to your crypto trading server

Adding bots to a Discord server is as simple as adding new users and giving them the necessary rights. Once you've added a Discord bot to your server, you can set up and use it with the bot commands.

To invite Discord bots to your server, follow these steps:

- Visit the bot's official website or a bot marketplace such as top.gg.

- Click on the invite bot link.

- Select the server where you wish to install the bot. Please keep in mind that you can only add bots to servers with admin or mod permissions.

- Now, launch your Discord server, and you will find the bot there. To configure the bot, follow the instructions on its website.

19 best Discord bots for your best crypto discord servers

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Discord bots to assist you, your team, and the crypto community in creating a more member-friendly and secure crypto Discord server. These bots are crucial for selecting the right tools that cater specifically to the needs of crypto trading Discord servers, ensuring that members have access to the best resources for trading, security, and community engagement. Within the vast crypto discord group landscape on Discord, there's a variety of groups dedicated to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, offering platforms for discussion, trade signals, and educational resources.

1. MEE6

Image of MEE6 homepage

Among the top Discord server moderation bots, the MEE6 can provide you with complete authority over the management and moderation of your server. The MEE6 bot can be used to define server rules for violations such as foul language and spamming, set bot commands, mute, kick, or ban users for breaching server rules, etc. The MEE6 bot can also be programmed to automatically communicate with community members in their private DMs, play music on your servers, and level up users that participate actively in your Discord community.


MEE6 bot's Premium edition costs $11.95 per month, with a lifetime subscription option of $89.90 for a single server. The premium package provides sophisticated custom commands, advanced moderation, welcome thumbnails, social connectors, and various engagement options.

2. Dyno

Dyno homepage image

Dyno.gg is yet another moderator bot that can be configured to your specific needs. Dyno allows you to design simple and complex Discord server actions. It comes with a user-friendly web interface and several moderator capabilities, including spam detection and mod logs. Additionally, Dyno.gg can assist you with assigning server roles, creating custom commands, creating announcements, AFK statuses, and more.


Dyno has two pricing options, starting with $4.99 per month for one Discord server and $11.99 per month for three Discord servers. Premium features include personalized avatars, unlimited auto-bans, auto-delete, custom starboards, etc.

3. Xenon

Image of Xenon homepage

Server moderators often make significant modifications to your Discord server, such as rearranging the layout or adding new features. In such instances, having a server backup can save you a lot of time and mental peace if something goes wrong. Most community managers prefer Xenon to create a backup of their Discord servers. The Xenon bot can backup, duplicate or clone your discord server, make archives, and synchronize it. Furthermore, Xenon provides thousands of free server templates for gaming, development, education, fan communities, and so on.


The free tier of Xenon can backup channels, roles, and server settings for up to 15 backups, with one automatic backup per server. The premium tiers vary from $4.99 to $14.99 and include the ability to create additional server backups, backup and synchronize messages, role assignments, nicknames, and bans.

4. Dank memer

Dank Memer homepage image

Memes are popular, and they are an excellent method to increase user engagement on your Discord server. Dank memer is one of the best Discord bots for memes. It offers you bot commands to share memes, and you can even make your own memes. The Dank Memer also has a currency feature, allowing you to build a gamified experience in which your community users can earn coins by gambling, stealing from other users, etc. Members of the community can spend this money to buy special products from the store, which they can then use to play games or show off in your community.


Dank Memer offers a free bot. You can, however, access additional benefits by contributing on their Patreon page. Extra perks include more memes, more cash, and unique server positions.

5. Invite Tracker

Invite Tracker homepage image

As the name suggests, the Invite Tracker is a Discord bot that tracks where the new members are coming from and who is inviting them. The Invite Tracker can be used to construct a leaderboard of people who have received the most invites, an advanced verification system, a message count for each user, welcome messages, giveaways, and automatically assign roles to members. The Invite Tracker is frequently used to fill whitelisting spots for a cryptocurrency or NFT drop based on the number of messages and user invites.


The Invite tracker has both free and paid plans. Premium options range from $3.15 to $15 per month and include features such as the ability to eliminate fake invites, embed messages, add giveaway requirements, additional invite commands, and so on.

6. Disboard

Disboard homepage image

Disboard is not a Discord bot but rather a public server list where Discord users can find your server and optionally leave feedback. On Disboard, adding a server is pretty straightforward; simply log in, navigate to "Servers," click "Add new server," then select the server you want to add and complete the necessary details.

7. Bump Reminder

Bump Reminder homepage image

Bump Reminder is a multifunctional bot with various features, such as general reminders, a vote tracker, the question of the day, welcome messages, and so on.


By boosting their Discord server, you can gain access to their premium services. Bump reminder has both free and paid options. Some of the paid features are a custom reminder thumbnail, custom embeds, an AFK system, etc.

8. Epic-RPG

Epic-RPG is a chat-based role-playing game with features including opponents, dungeons, PVP mode, gambling, loot boxes, leaderboards, and prestige. You can have a mini, chat-based role-playing game at your fingertips that keep your server's community members engaged and alive. Epic RPG is an excellent approach to keep users involved in your server, especially if your game is a P2E.

Discord invite link


Epic-RPG is a free to use Discord bot.

9. Hydra

Hydra homepage image

Hydra is a Discord music bot that can play music from Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Deezer. Hydra's music bot has a ton of capabilities, including the ability to add music, create loops, shuffle playlists, skip music, vote skip, and look up a song's name, lyrics, and other information. The bot provides advanced commands for moderators, such as preventing particular people from using the music bot, changing the language, announcing music, and so on.


Hydra music bot provides a free plan for its basic functions and premium plans for servers and individual Discord users. Premium options start at $1.99 a month and include features like global volume control, 24/7 playback, an unlimited server playlist, autoplay, etc.

10. Helper

Helper homepage image

Helper.gg is a Discord bot that enables you to reply to user queries by creating support tickets within your Discord server. This bot is ideal for customer service teams to organize user queries, respond to tickets, and close them.


Helper.gg provides both free and premium plans beginning at $4, including features such as a custom bot username, custom icon, custom application, premium role, and so on.

11. PollBot

Pollbot homepage image

PollBot is an excellent Discord bot to create polls on your server. PollBot allows you to construct time-sensitive polls, simple yes-or-no polls, and polls that require custom answers. You can use polls to gather feedback from your community, plan events, and learn more about your community members.


PollBot is completely free.

12. Apollo

Image of Apollo bot homepage

Apollo is a Discord event management bot that assists you in scheduling events and meetings. You can use this bot to DM reminders to event participants and schedule recurring events directly from your Discord server. Your community members can accept, deny, or question each event.


Apollo provides three premium options, ranging from $5 to $15 per month. The premium features include customizable signup options, automated role allocation for event attendees, signup limits, and unlimited recurring events.

13. Zira

Zira demo on how to use

Zira is amongst the best Discord bots for assigning server roles depending on user responses. The Zira bot is an excellent method to keep things organized if you have a large server with role-specific channels. You can also utilize Zira to greet and bid goodbye to new and returning members.


The core features of Zira are free. Zira's premium subscription costs $2 per month and includes more advanced features such as limitless roles, unique suggestions, advanced messaging, etc.

14. Statbot

Image of Statbot homepage

Statbot is a server analytics bot that displays statistics such as the total number of community members, time spent on speech channels by community members, server activity, and tons of customizable options. Statbot can be used to display server statistics inside your Discord server.

Statbot view on server


Statbot's base bot is completely free. It offers practically all of the main functions for free, but there is an upper limit. More features are available with a premium subscription starting at $8.52 per month. Paid features include tracking historical data, advanced filtering options, statroles, etc.

15. GiveawayBot

Image of GiveawayBot's homepage

GiveawayBot is a Discord bot that allows you to create giveaways within your Discord server. This bot streamlines the process of organizing giveaways. GiveawayBot can automatically launch a giveaway, select a winner, and end the giveaway. The bot can also draw the winner automatically after the specified period.


GiveawayBot is free; however, premium features start at $1 per month. The premium features include a longer giveaway duration, more winners, and a greater quantity of contests.

16. Tip.cc

Image of Tip.cc homepage

Tip.cc allows you to create a cryptocurrency system within your Discord server with no minimum costs. The Discord bot allows you to tip anybody, irrespective of whether they have a cryptocurrency wallet, and you can tip several people at once. Tip.cc accepts over 500 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, etc.


Tip.cc is completely free.

17. ProBot

Image of ProBot homepage

ProBot is a customizable multifunctional bot for creating welcome graphics, generating detailed logs, using social commands, music, moderation, etc. You can use ProBot to add welcome messages automatically, monitor server rule violations, warn violators, and kick specific users from the server.


ProBot is completely free.

18. QuizBot

Quizbot homepage image

Quizbot enables you to make customized quizzes within your Discord server. You can use Quizbot to host a trivia night on your Discord server to enhance user response and engagement while rewarding your community members.


The premium edition of Quizbot costs $2 per month and includes features such as competitive quiz mode, quiz image inclusion, more quiz access levels, etc.

19. Captcha.bot

Captcha.bot homepage image

Captcha.bot is a Discord bot for account verification and anti-phishing that you should deploy to authenticate new users joining your community. Captcha.bot safeguards your Discord server from scam bots, phishing URLs, and malicious users. The bot has a variety of verification functions and can automatically ban or kick users who have not finished the verification procedure.


Captcha.bot has both free and premium plans. The paid plan costs $5 per month, with an annual subscription costing $51 per month. The paid subscription provides confirmed roles, image verification, longer time limitations, and less advertising.

How to make a great Discord server for the crypto community?

Discord plays a pivotal role in engaging communities interested in the crypto market, especially for those involved in web3 crypto projects. Every web3 crypto project relies heavily on its community. If your brand has excellent utility but no community management, your users will start to believe there is no guidance or value in your community. Discord bots are an effective approach to improving community management. You’ll be able to engage and entertain your community members in order to keep them engaged in your crypto project and your brand’s purpose. This strategy not only fosters a strong community but also connects various facets of the expansive crypto world, from trading and investments to NFTs and beyond.

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