Crypto Launchpad Platforms: How to Utilize Them for Successful Token Sales

August 7, 2023

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Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) are experiencing rapid expansion, witnessing the emergence of novel initiatives and solutions. Navigating the cryptocurrency landscape has become increasingly more work for new ventures due to the intense competitive environment they face.

The concept of a crypto launchpad was introduced to address the challenges confronted by promising projects and new crypto projects. A crypto launchpad serves as an instrumental token launch platform to propel new crypto projects toward their zenith of raising funds and widespread adoption. Various avenues for secure capital generation, such as ICOs, STOs, IEOs, DYDOs, SHOs, and more, are accessible for high-quality crypto projects.

The primary function of a crypto launchpad is to amplify community engagement with the crypto community, help innovative blockchain projects raise funds and establish a foothold within the crypto market. Like a paid network, these crypto launchpads concurrently facilitate entry into the crypto space for early-stage crypto projects. Rigorous scrutiny is applied to project creators to safeguard investors' assets.

Using crypto launchpads is one way to reduce entry barriers, encompassing financial outlays and regulatory prerequisites. Although a multitude of crypto launchpads exists, only a handful offer secure and reliable services. This article will delve into an exploration of the best crypto launchpad platforms available for blockchain projects as a continuation of our previous guide of 7 IDO Launchpads you should know about.

Understanding Crypto Launchpads

In addition to attracting investments, crypto launchpads serve as the basis of a distinct community ecosystem revolving around crypto initiatives. The amassed funds find purpose in propelling successful projects into existence. Within this realm, developers find sustenance for their creative endeavors within the crypto space, as the funds they receive help them realize their vision for their business venture. Crypto enthusiasts, on their part, nurture hopes of future prosperity, securing a vantage point among the pioneering beneficiaries of project tokens yet to flourish. This orchestration encapsulates the essence of crypto launchpads in action. Consequently, it is paramount to subject prospective collaborative projects to meticulous scrutiny, ensuring retail investors will reap the fruits of investing in emerging crypto projects.

Selecting the ideal crypto launchpad platform to orchestrate your maiden voyage into the world of initial coin offerings (ICO) or inaugural decentralized exchange and initial DEX offerings (IDO) stands as a pivotal crossroads in your journey to introduce a native utility token to the market. Unlike the closed world of venture capitalists and institutional investment where only a select few get early access to cryptocurrency projects, crypto launchpad platforms work as a blockchain innovation hub. They are the great equalizer that democratizes access to promising blockchain projects and new tokens. They exist not only to support projects and token launches but token holders who gain early access as well.

Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad

Created by the popular crypto exchange platform, Binance, Binance Launchpad offers services that encourage projects launching to grow and release some of the best new tokens, such as Kava, Band Protocol, and BitTorrent.

To register for Binance Launchpad, users must hold some amount of BNB, the platform's native currency. Once users are ready to apply for a listing on Binance Launchpad, they must fill out an 8-page Google form, which the project will be considered for listing.

While the Binance Launchpad has a great history with top crypto projects like Kava. The platform has some drawbacks. For instance, users must adhere to many regulations and fill out forms, which can make the process cumbersome and leave many behind. Additionally, Binance Launchpad is highly centralized.

One of the main benefits of Binance Launchpad is that it is a high-profile platform with access to a vast community. The token launch platform also takes investor safety seriously with the policies they have in place.

ByBit Launchpad

ByBit Launchpad

ByBit has established itself among the best crypto launchpads, offering a diverse array of derivatives and margin trading opportunities for successful crypto launchpad projects. Unlike a standard decentralized exchange platform, ByBit allows users to trade without having to go through a verification process, although the downside is that this limited its compatibility with fiat currencies. ByBit boasts a host of features, including a crypto Launchpad that is highly regarded for initial token sales.

ByBit's crypto Launchpad offers two types of token sales: Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Initial Exchange Offerings are similar to ICOs, where a new project raises funds by selling tokens on an exchange like ByBit. Investors can participate in these token sales by locking up tokens such as ByBit's native crypto (BIT) or certain stablecoins (USDT).

Enjinstarter Launchpad

Enjinstarter Launchpad

Enjinstarter is a rapidly expanding IDO launchpad, born from the visionary minds behind Enjin—a dominant force in the blockchain and NFT gaming realm. These are the very architects who pioneered the now widely embraced ERC-1155 semi-fungible token standard. Since its inception in October 2021, Enjinstarter's mission has been set on propelling an expansive array of projects rooted in blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and Web3 landscapes. This encompasses domains spanning sports, fashion, entertainment, social media, and the foundational fabric of GameFi.

Every endeavor nurtured under the Enjinstarter banner thrives within the Enjin ecosystem—a dynamic GameFi realm where game and metaverse initiatives find an avenue to launch with unrivaled ease and cost-efficiency, empowered by an abundance of NFTs. These ventures unfold upon the innovative Jumpstart blockchain, Enjin's private Ethereum Layer-2 chain.

$EJS, Enjinstarter's native token, carves its own niche within this landscape, separate from Enjin's primary cryptocurrency, $ENJ. Holders of $EJS can engage in the locking and staking of their tokens, reaping an assortment of rewards. Amplified incentives await those who exhibit prolonged commitment by locking their tokens for extended periods. Noteworthy names that have ignited their journey through Enjinstarter include Plutonians, Realms of Eternity, and the captivating saga of Metafighter. Launchpad Launchpad is a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts a wide range of altcoins and trading pairs, similar to KuCoin. The exchange offers various features such as a mobile app, an open-source API, derivatives trading, and staking.'s decentralized launchpad is a popular crypto incubator for developers looking to conduct an IDO or IEO. Since its inception, the platform has launched an impressive 749 crypto projects, raising almost $95 million. While quality may vary, many successful blockchain developers have used Startup to fund their projects, including Zipmex Token (ZMT), Olive Cash (OLIVE), and Celer Network (CELR).

The mode of participation varies from project to project. Some token sales are free airdrops; users only need to sign up to receive the new token. Other projects require investors to lock up a token, such as GT ('s native digital currency) or USDT, especially for those with greater financial backing and technical support.

Some emerging crypto projects combine both concepts, allowing customers to spin a wheel for a chance to receive guaranteed token allocations. If they fail, they can then commit a "share" to the project to receive a token allocation anyway. However, the token sale will only succeed if the full funding goal is reached by the end of the incubation period.

KuCoin Launchpad

KuCoin Launchpad

KuCoin has established itself as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, particularly when it comes to trading altcoins in the crypto industry. With support for thousands of trading pairs, the platform has become a go-to destination for those looking to invest in lesser-known coins. Given this expertise with obscure tokens, KuCoin has expanded and created its own crypto launchpad by introducing KuCoin Spotlight in 2022.

The selection process for KuCoin Spotlight is rigorous, with a team of over 20 experts reviewing each application. Applicants are subjected to three independent teams and four levels of reviews, resulting in less than 10% of emerging crypto projects being accepted onto the platform. As a result, KuCoin Spotlight has earned a strong reputation for hosting only high-quality projects.

Since its launch, KuCoin Spotlight has featured 24 projects, each carefully selected based on its potential for success.

The Qube

The Qube

The Qube Launchpad serves as a dedicated token launch platform tailored for decentralized applications (dApps). Users can leverage its internal tools within its framework to orchestrate initial DEX offerings (IDO) for their promising projects. Crypto enthusiasts and investors alike can identify and engage with promising investment ventures, securing a front-row seat during these projects' early stages. The existing scarcity of reliable crypto launchpads has considerably hindered early investors from accessing whitelist opportunities. To tackle this challenge head-on, the Qube launchpad introduces user-friendly access and impartial selection methods. Furthermore, the team is actively strategizing to expand its presence across various blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Avalanche, and more.

As part of their initiatives, a forthcoming sale in their native utility token is on the horizon, ensuring a bonus allocation in the projects featured on the launchpad.

Typical features of a crypto launchpad

Most crypto launchpads share some standard features, including a minimum number of native platform tokens, tiered user levels based on saved or pinned blockchain tokens, and a selection process for only high-quality startups that will bring profit to investors.

The crypto launchpad landscape is diverse, with dozens of platforms available, many focusing on a specific blockchain network or sector such as NFTs, DeFi, games, or metaverse projects.

While fair token distribution is a critical moment, it's also just the beginning of a project's journey. Planning for engagement, community building, and long-term value is crucial for sustained success.


Given the predominantly unregulated state of the market, which contributes to erratic price fluctuations, especially for new tokens, it is imperative to understand the associated risks prior to committing funds to crypto launchpad projects.

Choosing a good crypto launchpad can catalyze a project's success, but it requires thorough research, careful planning, and a measured approach. By following the steps outlined above, blockchain projects can turn their visions of successful crypto launchpad projects into a reality.

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