How NFT Artists can Create a Buzz on Social Media

September 24, 2021

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The NFT mania has spread across different industries that found applications for this one-of-a-kind token. The creative industry is one of the industries that has benefited the most from NFTs. Through NFTs, artists and content creators are capable of generating huge revenue for themselves while eliminating the middlemen from the process and directly selling their work to their audience.

However, Creating artwork and not promoting it is like selling a treasure locked up in a chest hidden in the deep sea, which very few people know about.

Unless you are already well recognized, you have to keep yourself on the radar to ensure that you get noticed. For artists, social media plays an important part in building a community and attracting global attention for their creations.

There are several ways in which you can use social media to build your audience, and we are going to cover some of the best ways you can do this.

But before you begin...

People want to be treated as individuals and interact with artists who have a name and a face. So, you need to create a community by being genuine and personal, as well as target the right group of audience that resonates with your thinking.

Before planning out your content strategies to attract an audience on social media, you need to keep in mind a few things:

Five ways to boost your NFTs on social media

1. Define who you want to target

Almost every social media platform out there has a massive userbase, and everyone has their preferences. It’s impossible to target everyone. You have to narrow down your audience and target folks who might be interested in what you’re doing.

Moreover, targeting the right audience makes your efforts more effective, which can result in your rapid growth on social media.

2. Stay consistent, no matter what

Building your audience on social media is like running a marathon that requires you to stay active on these platforms constantly. You must maintain a high level of responsiveness and share at least 5-7 posts every week.

This might seem like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, things will come easily for you. The logic is simple, the more you post, the more engagement you’ll get, which will result in getting more followers.

3. Start NOW!

Don’t wait for the release of your NFTs, you need to create some hype before launching your project. Start posting about what you are creating as soon as possible. This way you’ll be able to spread the word across your target audience and among collectors.

4. Add your own touch

You need to be genuine and open. If you keep promoting your NFTs, you will look like a salesman. Your audience should connect with you. This will help you draw an emotional connection to your artwork.

Show your audience the person behind the art, share what your interests are, and your workstation. Your audience should be able to see the human being behind the NFTs to build an emotional bond.

5. Choose the right marketplace

There are several marketplaces that allow you to sell your NFTs to the relevant audience. You should be careful while picking the right marketplace for your project. Before selecting any marketplace, look at its popularity among your target audience, the features it is offering, and the commission. A good rule of thumb is to publish your artwork on multiple marketplaces. To find out more about the marketplace, you can check out our guide.

For artistic minds, creating NFT art comes naturally. The hassle is getting your work noticed. You never want your work to go unnoticed. Social media is the best platform to bring awareness to your NFT projects.  

Four ways to organically promote your NFT on socials

1. Post sneak peeks of upcoming projects

Post behind the scenes and snippets of the NFT projects on which you are working. The main idea is to arouse interest among your potential buyers and make them stay on the edge for more details. Create excitement for your next NFT drop with appealing teasers. 

2. Host giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to create an additional buzz around your NFT projects. Regular giveaways can help you raise awareness about yourself and your projects, increase engagement, and grow your social media.

Define your goal for the giveaways, which can be anything from increasing your followers to spreading the word about your NFT collection and set the rules accordingly. To give yourself a buffer time and build anticipation for the giveaway, schedule the giveaway a week in advance and tag your marketplace as well so that your followers can learn from where they can purchase your NFTs, and the marketplaces can re-share your content.

3. Host AMAs and live stream

AMAs and live streams are some of the most intuitive and straightforward ways to engage with your audience. Through AMAs and live streams, you can connect with your audience one-on-one and draw attention to your product.

Keep your sessions between 30 to 45 mins long and include some time for Q&A where people can ask you questions or share their thoughts with you. You can also share the date of the AMA in advance and open a section where users can submit their questions beforehand.

Pro tip: You can also reward your users through an NFT giveaway for attending the session.

4. Engage, engage and engage

This is probably the most important tip for you if you want to build an audience on social media. Think about engagement as a conversation with your followers that goes back and forth. If you are constantly engaging with your followers, you’ll get more traction on your social media profiles.

To increase your engagement rate, respond to the DMs and comments of your audience, use Instagram stories to ask questions or take feedback on your artwork.


For artists, building a strong community is the key to being successful. Your marketing and content strategy has to be well-thought-out and engaging for you to remain relevant. Getting your NFTs in front of your audience is as important as spending those sleepless nights working on them.

We understand that you would like to dedicate most of your time to your art, that’s why we are here to help you grow your audience by managing the marketing aspect of your NFT launch.

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