7 Best NFT Marketplaces For Artists And Crypto Projects in 2023

November 16, 2022

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A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique crypto asset that is stored on a blockchain. NFTs are used to provide proof of ownership of a virtual asset. It is a unique property of the blockchain that it is immutable. Once a new block is created on a blockchain, it cannot be changed or manipulated. This nature of blockchain makes NFTs valuable assets because it makes them unique and scarce. 

The rise of NFTs has opened a new door of opportunities for artists and digital creators. NFTs allow you to truly own a digital asset and trade it in the real world for real money. Artists and creators are using NFTs to sell their work directly to their audience without involving agents or intermediaries.

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces are specialized websites where you can list your artwork for sale and invite your fans and collectors for bidding. These platforms look very similar to traditional eCommerce marketplaces and allow you to range the tokens by price, type, or author, or to save the most interesting NFTs to your favorites.

An NFT marketplace website utilizes blockchain technology Every action performed on the blockchain is securely recorded, so it is easy to check the history of transactions and track each token up to its creation, thereby ensuring that you buy an authentic work.

By trading their artworks on NFT marketplaces, creators can increase their chances of selling NFTs and earn income not only from the initial sale but also gain rewards from every resale. The average NFT royalty ranges from 5-10% of the price of a deal and These payments are automatically redirected to the creator upon each subsequent sale in the secondary market.

Moreover, the coolest NFT marketplaces have a big community of loyal users and creators expanding overall interest in non-fungible tokens. Such open discussions about NFTs help to speed up the growth of the market, bringing in new people and ideas.

Things you need before starting to sell your NFTs on an NFT marketplace

Over the last few years, the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem has become vast and dense. The technological revolution that started from the Ethereum blockchain has now spanned multiple blockchains and dozens of NFT marketplaces.

It can be a daunting task to navigate the ins and outs of the weird wide world of NFTs. While every NFT marketplace has its own requirements to list NFTs, here's a list of requirements that are common among the best NFT marketplaces.

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1. A crypto wallet compatible with the NFT marketplace

It is important to have a wallet compatible with the NFT marketplace. Luckily, the majority of top NFT marketplaces support multiple wallets. Also, keep in mind that a crypto wallet is not only for making transactions but also for storing the keys to your assets. That’s why you should choose your wallet wisely and take serious security measures, such as turning on two-factor authentication.

2. Cryptocurrency or token required by the NFT marketplace

your wallet should have some coins for you to be able to list or pay gas fees to mint NFTs. But first of all, you need to find out what cryptocurrencies are supported by a marketplace.

3. Create an account on the NFT marketplace or apply

You can’t do anything on an NFT marketplace until you create an account. You need to connect the wallet to the platform so that you can set up the account. Moreover, some NFT marketplaces allow only selected users to list and sell NFTs.

If you want to sell your digital assets on any of these platforms then you need to follow their process of getting listed. Once you have one, you will be able to list your non-fungible tokens for minting and selling on these NFT marketplaces,

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Now, let's look at some of the best NFT marketplaces in 2022 presented in no particular order.

Best NFT Marketplaces in 2023

1. OpeanSea

one of the best NFT marketplace OpenSea's homepage
  • Launch year: 2017
  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Klaytn, Avalanche, Optimism
  • Supported NFT categories: Art, Music, Domain Names, Metaverse Lands, Trading Cards, Gaming NFTs, Collectibles, Sports Assets, Membership NFTs
  • Supported payment methods: ETH, wETH, SOL, USDC, DAI, APE, Credit and Debit Card via MoonPay
  • Monthly platform visitors: 27.6m+


  • Twitter: 2.2m+ Followers
  • YouTube: 35.6k+ Subscribers
  • Discord: 200k+ Members

OpenSea is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace for buying and selling digital assets. It is highly regarded by NFT collectors, artists, investors, and traders. OpenSea's item minting tool enables NFT creators to mint their own digital assets on supported blockchain platforms. It is a non-exclusive platform, which means there is no review procedure; you can mint your NFT and immediately begin selling it.

OpenSea enables users without prior experience to create their own NFTs. To get started, you must assemble an NFT collection. Then, you can begin uploading NFTs in acceptable formats.  OpenSea offers NFT creators three listing options: fixed price, declining listing price, and auctions. Even for fixed-priced listings, buyers can make offers.

OpenSea's key features include Multi-blockchain support (seven blockchains at present), Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted as payment, a minimalist NFT creator's page, the ability to edit creator royalties, a Lazy minting function, and a lot more. OpenSea has been the largest NFT market for over a year despite the ongoing NFT winter.

OpenSea offers a platform for anyone to buy and sell NFTs globally for a commission of 2.5% of the purchase price. To approve the listing, first-time users must also pay a transaction fee. This fee can range from $5 to more than $150.

Best NFT projects on OpenSea: CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, Art blocks, Azuki

2. Magic Eden

Magic Eden is one of the best NFT marketplace for NFT projects
  • Launch year: 2021
  • Supported blockchains: Solana, Ethereum
  • Supported NFT categories: Art, Music, VirtualWorlds, Trading Cards, Gaming NFTs, Collectibles, Sports Assets, Membership NFTs, etc
  • Supported payment methods: SOL, ETH, Credit Card via Crossmint
  • Monthly platform visitors: 2.2m+


  • Twitter: 350k+ Followers
  • YouTube: 4.2k+ Subscribers
  • Instagram: 22.7k+ Followers
  • Discord: 91k+ Members

Magic Eden is a community-owned NFT marketplace that was originally developed on the Solana blockchain and later added support for Ethereum-based NFTs. It is one of the largest markets for NFTs based on the Solana blockchain. It was made by people in the NFT community as an alternative to and improvement on NFT marketplaces that already existed.

Magic Eden is lauded for its simple and unique resources for both collectors and creators, as well as its handpicked list of upcoming Solana collections, which allows users to see at a glance what upcoming NFT drops will occur on the platform. Additionally, the NFT marketplace provides partnership and white-label marketplaces, enabling others to create their own marketplaces.

Magic Eden, in addition to being a marketplace for NFTs, provides support for game developers through Eden Games, a hub for NFT games on the Solana blockchain. Magic Eden has also established Launchpad, which is an exclusive platform for NFT projects. According to the NFT platform, only 3% of Launchpad applications are accepted, and only the best projects are featured. The launchpad provides massive exposure and broad reach on web3, along with hassle-free mint and devoted development support.

Magic Eden offers free NFT listings, a 2% sales fee, and the ability for NFT creators to set their own royalty percentages. In addition, Magic Eden provides buyers with the option to honor embedded royalties set by creators. The creator decides how much the royalties will be, and if the trader agrees, the royalties are paid right away after a sale. 

Best NFT projects on Magic Eden: Okay Bears, BalloonsVille, Dragon War

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3. Rarible

Rarible is one of the best NFT marketplace
  • Launch year: 2019
  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Immutable X, Polygon, Flow and Tezos
  • Supported NFT categories: Game Assets, Metaverse Lands, Music, Domain Names, Memes, Art, Photography
  • Supported payment methods: ETH, wETH, Debit and Credit Card
  • Monthly platform visitors: 1.5m+


  • Twitter: 490k+ Followers
  • Instagram: 288k+ Followers
  • Discord: 55k+ Members

Rarible is a decentralized marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) initially based on Ethereum that facilitates trading without the need for intermediaries. It is an NFT marketplace owned by the community. The platform is run by the Rarible DAO, and its native token is called RARI.

Rarible users and DAO members participate in a vast array of platform activities, including moderating and voting on platform upgrades. Rarible has partnered with several major companies, including Adobe, to secure artists' work and develop exclusive NFTs.

On Rarible's marketplace, anyone can create NFTs. To create NFTs, you do not need pre-existing artwork, nor are you required to deposit a large amount of cryptocurrency up front. It is one of the best NFT markets available. Creators can mint new NFTs using Rarible to sell their work. The creator can also give anyone who visits Rarible a sneak peek of their project, but only people who buy it will be able to see the whole thing.

Rarible primarily focuses on artwork and charges a commission of 2.5% from both buyers and sellers. However, the seller has the option to pay the entire fee.

4. SuperRare

SuperRare is one of the best nft marketplaces on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Launch year: 2018
  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum
  • Supported NFT categories: digital Art, Videos, and 3D Artwork
  • Supported payment methods: ETH, wETH
  • Monthly platform visitors: 588k+


  • Twitter: 330k+ Followers
  • YouTube: 3k+ Subscribers
  • Instagram: 400k+ Followers
  • Discord: 39k+ Members

SuperRare is a platform for trading NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain network. It places a strong emphasis on the acquisition and sale of digital artworks that are unique or limited in availability. The NFT marketplace incorporates a social network to foster a social atmosphere for creators and collectors.

The NFT marketplace describes itself as a cross between Instagram and Christie's, providing users with a unique approach to engaging with NFT art, culture, and collecting. SuperRare is primarily a marketplace for the purchase and sale of unique, single-edition NFT art. Each piece of art is made by a real network artist and then turned into a digital token that can be owned and traded.

Those who hold the $RARE token and can curate SuperRare via Spaces, create digital art for SuperRare or a SuperRare Space, or collect digital art via SuperRare are members of the SuperRare DAO. As a member of the SuperRare DAO, you can manage the platform and marketplace parameters.

SuperRare is an invitation-only platform that welcomes new artists on a rolling basis due to its rigorous curation standards. Some artists have had to wait months, or even more than a year, to be accepted by the platform, which makes it even more exclusive.

If you wish to create a profile, please fill out this form. In addition to your social media handles and links to three to five of your individual works of art, you must also submit a one-minute application video of yourself.

One of the most unique things about SuperRare is that the NFT platform only lets 1/1 exclusive NFTs be sold at auction.

SuperRare charges a 3% commission on all transactions. All primary sales are subject to a 15 percent commission on the final sale price. A 10 percent royalty is reserved and paid to creators for secondary sales.

Top NFT artists on SuperRare: @galbarkan, @gregorycrewdson, @mattkane, @cachou, @charlesai

5. JPG Store

Homepage of JPG Store, one of the largest NFT marketplaces on Cardano
  • Launch year: 2021
  • Supported blockchains: Cardano
  • Supported NFT categories: art, music, virtual worlds, trading cards, gaming NFTs, collectibles, sports assets, membership NFTs, etc
  • Supported payment methods: ADA
  • Monthly platform visitors: 1.8m+


  • Twitter: 50k+ Followers
  • Discord: 39k+ Members

It's no secret that JPG Store is one of the best NFT marketplaces for the Cardano blockchain. JPG Store provides creators and collectors with a seamless and user-friendly NFT experience by leveraging Cardano's highly scalable, low-latency network.

JPG Store also has a Launchpad program to encourage NFT creators, artists, and designers to contribute to the Cardano community by producing NFT art. The program provides a variety of benefits to help creators launch their projects. These include technical support, mentoring, and marketing assistance, among others.

JPG takes 2% of sales, excluding any additional fees such as gas fees or costs associated with interacting with smart contracts, in addition to the royalty percentage deducted from each sale for the particular collection.

Transaction fees on the JPG store:

  • 1.5 ADA to include an asset in a smart contract
  • 1.2ADA is returned upon delisting
  • 0.25 ADA to update the smart contract's asset listing

Best NFT apps and projects on JPG Store: SpaceBudz, Pavia, Clay Nation, The Ape Society, Chilled Kongs

6. Foundation

Foundation is one of the top nft marketplaces on Ethereum
  • Launch year: 2021
  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum
  • Supported NFT categories: images, videos, and 3D artwork
  • Supported payment methods: ETH
  • Monthly platform visitors: 1.4m+


  • Twitter: 340k+ Followers
  • Instagram: 450k+ Followers

Foundation is a community-owned NFT market for the creation and sale of digital assets. It is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces powered by Ethereum. Foundation's long-term goal is to develop a new creator economy for artists and creative people. The NFT platform's simple and elegant web application streamlines the platform's user experience.

The live auction of the Foundation app operates somewhat differently than other NFT marketplaces. For instance, once a buyer submits a bid that meets the seller's reserve price, the clock starts counting down from 24 hours. If someone bids in the last 15 minutes of an auction, the timer will automatically go back 15 minutes until your artwork sells.

The artist earns 85% of the value of an NFT sold on Foundation, while secondary sales earn 10%. This is lower than some other NFT marketplaces, but you will find that NFTs on Foundation are, on average, priced higher and retain their value. Creators on Foundation are more genuine and artistic than those on other platforms.

To join Foundation, you must receive an invitation from a current artist, and each artist has only one invitation.

Foundation charges a commission fee of 15% and deducts 5% from the final sale price of each primary and secondary sale, which is significantly higher than the majority of other marketplaces. For secondary sales, creators automatically receive a 10% royalty.

Top NFT art on Foundation: Beeple's Everydays, Edward Snowden's Stay Free, Beeple's Ocean Front, Tpunk #3442, Beeple's Crossroad.

7. Nifty Gateway

Nifty gateway is a marketplace owned by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini
  • Launch year: 2018
  • Supported blockchains: Ethereum
  • Supported NFT categories: Art, Collectibles, Social, Gaming, Music
  • Supported payment methods: ETH, Credit Card, Gemini
  • Monthly platform visitors: 314k+


  • Twitter: 259k+ Followers
  • Instagram: 338k+ Followers
  • Discord: 28k+ Members

Nifty Gateway is an NFT marketplace managed by Gemini, a secure and regulated cryptocurrency exchange, and is regarded as a premium marketplace. Nifty Gateway, unlike most NFT marketplaces, hosts the NFTs it acquires.

This means that the NFTs you purchase or sell are not stored in a wallet. Instead, they are stored in your Nifty account and held by Nifty Gateway and ultimately Gemini. It is straightforward to convert an NFT into fiat currency through Gemini if the need arises. NFTs on the Nifty Gateway are referred to as Nifties.

Nifty Gateway collaborates with leading artists and brands to produce exclusive collections of limited edition, high-quality NFTs. Nifty Gateway makes it easier for creators to sell NFTs by handling all technical aspects associated with the creation and sale of NFTs and offering you technical support.

To upload your NFT collection to the Nifty platform, you must submit an application as a creator. If accepted, you will receive a place on their drop page.

Nifty Gateway has open editions, which permit creators to mint unlimited editions of their works for a limited time; thereafter, no additional NFTs are ever issued. This results in scarcity and a robust secondary market.

With a 5% commission on every sale and a 10% artist creator fee deducted from the final sale price of NFT transactions, Nifty Gateway has among the highest fees of all NFT marketplaces. Artists can determine their own secondary sales royalties.

Top NFT artists on Nifty Gateway: Beeple, Pak, Daniel Arsham, and Grimes

NFT marketplaces alternatives

Shopify NFT marketplace

Shopify is one of the largest platforms for e-commerce business owners and entrepreneurs to create their own online store. As web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained popularity, Shopify has decided to join the NFT bandwagon by enabling businesses to mint and sell NFTs using the Shopify platform. Shopify's NFT purchasing process is similar to that of web2-based e-commerce websites. 

For more information, check our guide on how to setup a Shopify NFT store.

Instagram NFT marketplace (coming soon)

Instagram users will soon be able to create, display and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the platform. During its Creator Week 2022 event, Meta (META) announced a new feature that enables creators to make digital collectibles and sell them both on and off Instagram.

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Final Words

To get high bids, you need to stand out from the crowd and make it easy for your audience to find your work. Having your NFT on the right marketplace will make it easy for your audience to find your work. Read our guide on how to do NFT marketing to know more marketing strategies for your NFT project.

As more and more people are understanding NFTs, it becomes important for you to use the right strategies and marketplace for your NFT project to get the most traction. If you want to launch your own NFT someday, don't hesitate to promote and educate others about it. Or if you're trying to grow your blockchain project, look into our all-inclusive guide to crypto marketing.

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