Case Study: Building a Community for the Carrot App

Case Study


  • Client: Carrot
  • Industry: Social Media Application
  • Service: Social Media Management, Discord Management, and Consulting


  • 2,000+ first users to the application with no ad-spend.

About Carrot

Carrot App

Carrot is a social media application built on the Polygon blockchain that allows users to connect with friends and family in a secure and fun way. The app enables users to share content, engage in discussions and participate in various community activities. The user can earn Carrot Coins (CRTC) every single day by being active on the application.

The Challenges

Carrot started from scratch, with a new social media platform that had no existing user base. The key challenge was to build a community from the ground up, which required building social platforms and funneling new members to the app as first-time users.

The Strategy

Discord server with incentivizing user engagement and invites

To achieve the desired results, we built all of Carrot's social platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Discord, which played a significant role in our strategy. Our main goal was to funnel all the Discord users into the app as first-time users, and we utilized artwork from artists on the Polygon network to build trust and authority in the space. We bought artwork from these artists, which led to the formation of a growing network of artists, collectors, and users. Additionally, we gave away free NFTs to those who were active on the server, which created a lot of interaction and engagement and led to 100s unique of users active on the server per week.

Carrot Promotional Gif

The Results

The strategy worked, as we built a completely organic community, with no spending on ads or promotions. We successfully onboarded the first 2,000 users to the Carrot app, leading to a lot of activity and interactions. This successful onboarding of users and the growing community has the potential to lead to the wider adoption of the Carrot app.

In conclusion, building a community from scratch is a difficult task, but by using the right strategy and building a network of trust and authority, it's possible to build a thriving community for a new social media platform. Carrot is an excellent example of how a social media app on the Polygon blockchain can create a community and drive organic growth.

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