Case Study:'s $1,000,000+ NTO

Case Study


  • Client: Choise
  • Industry: NFT Token Offering (NTO) / Crypto Wallet
  • Service: Raise funds for Choise crypto wallet

About Choise

Our collaboration with Choise revolved around their pioneering NFT Token Offering (NTO) initiative, designed to secure essential funds for their innovative crypto wallet project. With a strategic focus on leveraging the NFT space, Choise aimed to propel their brand into the forefront of the crypto industry while garnering resources for their visionary endeavor.

Chobie NFTs


Navigating the NFT Landscape: Entering the competitive and rapidly evolving NFT market posed a significant challenge, demanding a unique approach to stand out and capture the attention of potential investors.

Funding Amidst Innovation: As Choise introduced their innovative crypto wallet concept, they faced the dual challenge of securing funding for its development while establishing their brand's credibility within the crypto community.

Different Chobies


Strategic Influencer Collaboration: Leveraging our extensive network of web3 influencers, we devised a strategy centered around collaborating with influencers deeply rooted in the crypto ecosystem. This approach aimed to amplify Choise's NFT offering, Chobies, through endorsements that resonated authentically with their followers.

Compelling Content Creation: Working closely with influencers, we orchestrated the creation of captivating content that spotlighted the unique attributes of Chobies. This content was tailored to effectively communicate the value proposition of these NFTs to potential buyers.

Targeted Audience Engagement: By engaging influencers whose values aligned with Choise's mission, we ensured a targeted and authentic approach that fostered meaningful interactions with prospective purchasers. This engagement helped demystify the NTO process and highlight the benefits of participation.

CHO Token in the Chobies


Exceeding Funding Goals: The strategic amalgamation of influencer partnerships, compelling endorsements, and targeted content creation culminated in remarkable success. Chobies' NFT sales surpassed the $1,000,000 USD mark, securing essential funds for Choise's crypto wallet while surpassing initial expectations.

Brand Elevation: Beyond funding triumph, the NTO initiative elevated Choise's brand recognition within the dynamic crypto landscape. The collaboration with influencers established Choise as a prominent player in the NFT domain, solidifying their position and expanding their reach.

Community Cohesion: The influencer-led engagement facilitated the emergence of a vibrant Chobies community, uniting collectors and enthusiasts under a common interest. This community-building aspect added an additional layer of value to the NTO initiative.


The successful NFT Token Offering exemplifies the potential unlocked by strategic influencer collaboration and innovative product offerings. Choise not only attained vital funding for their crypto wallet project but also established their presence in the competitive NFT arena. This endeavor underscores the power of combining compelling strategies with authentic influencer partnerships to achieve remarkable outcomes within the dynamic world of crypto and NFTs.

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