Case Study: Supercolony's WASM Conference

Case Study


  • Client: Supercolony
  • Industry: Cryptocurrency conference
  • Service: Social Media Advertising, Landing Page Consulting and Consulting


  • 2,500+ Attendees

About Supercolony

Supercolony is a venture studio that empowers entrepreneurs and accelerates growth within the Polkadot ecosystem. They organized the WASM Conference, a crypto conference for WebAssembly on the Polkadot blockchain. The conference aimed to provide a platform for developers to learn, network, and collaborate. It was set to take place virtually over two days, featuring keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.

The Challenges

WASM Reddit Ad

The main challenge for the Supercolony team was to drive attendance for the conference. They needed a strategy to reach out to potential attendees and create buzz around the event. They also needed to optimize their landing page to ensure that the traffic they generated through social media advertising converted into registrations.

The Strategy

At GrowthChain, we helped Supercolony by designing a social media advertising campaign targeting potential attendees on Twitter and Reddit. We created highly targeted ads with compelling visuals and messaging, aiming to capture the interest of developers and crypto enthusiasts. We also ran A/B tests to optimize the ads for maximum engagement.

Additionally, we conducted an audit of the Supercolony landing page to identify areas for improvement. We suggested design changes, copy updates, and call-to-action enhancements to create a seamless user experience and increase conversions from the social media ads.

The Results

Our strategy proved successful, with 2,500+ people attending the WASM Conference. The social media advertising campaign generated over 1,000,000 impressions and 5,000+ clicks to the Supercolony landing page.The landing page optimization also led to an increased conversion rate and an improved UX.

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