Case Study: Laugh Out Labs

Case Study


Client: Laugh Out Labs
Project: Community Building and Brand Expansion
Goal: Cultivate a thriving NFT and comedy community

About Laugh Out Labs


Our collaboration with Laugh Out Labs revolved around fostering a strong community and expanding their brand presence. They aimed to establish a community of individuals passionate about both comedy and NFTs, ultimately creating a solid foundation for the release of their NFTs.



Starting from Scratch

Building a community from zero was a significant challenge, demanding a strategic approach to attract and engage the right audience.

Merging Humor and NFTs

Merging comedy enthusiasts and NFT collectors required a delicate balance to ensure genuine engagement and shared interests. LOL was partnered with some of the best comedians in the business. Having been featured on Adult Swim, MTV, Comedy Central, TruTV, and so much more.


Targeted Social Media Advertising

Our team utilized targeted social media ads to attract individuals interested in comedy and NFTs, effectively growing Laugh Out Labs' follower base.

LOL Founders

Influential Twitter Spaces and Podcasts

Hosting high-profile Twitter spaces discussions and podcast appearances allowed Laugh Out Labs to reach thousands and establish authority in both domains.

Binance Live

Expert Consultation

Our team provided expert guidance to optimize Laugh Out Labs' social profiles, ensuring consistent branding and content alignment.


Exponential Follower Growth

We successfully grew Laugh Out Labs' Twitter following from zero to over 8,000 engaged followers in just 1.5 months.

High Engagement and Visibility

Our initiatives brought Laugh Out Labs into the spotlight, garnering over 14,000 listeners on Binance Lives and hosting Twitter spaces with an average of 8,000 viewers.

Thriving Community

By combining humor and NFTs, we cultivated a community of passionate individuals, achieving millions of impressions and fostering engagement within six weeks.


Our collaboration with Laugh Out Labs showcased the power of strategic community building and brand expansion. By curating engaging content, leveraging influential platforms, and expertly guiding their online presence, we not only achieved remarkable growth but also crafted a vibrant community that embraced both comedy and NFTs.

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