7 Blockchain Marketing Platforms You Need to Know About

June 7, 2024

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The web2 era, which we have lived in for about 15 years, has seen tremendous growth in the the digital marketing landscape and advertising industry. This expansion has provided enormous value to advertisers, allowing them to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. However, it has also transformed the digital marketing industry into a highly complicated ecosystem crowded with a slew of intermediaries. However, with the advent of web 3, the internet as we know it is undergoing a paradigm shift, and advertising will be just as crucial in web3 as it was in earlier web generations. Users and marketers will require access to technology and services to help them interact more effectively.

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Purpose of crypto marketing platforms

Your crypto marketing strategy should include crypto ad networks as a critical component to bringing quality traffic and a relevant audience to the website and community of your crypto project. Crypto marketing platforms are somewhat similar to web2 advertising platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager; however, web3 centred crypto marketing platforms either use blockchain technology or offer an advertising marketplace for crypto-related brands. These websites allow blockchain-related projects like yours to run advertising campaigns using traditional ad formats like banner and native ads or advanced ad formats to promote your brand in Metaverse platforms like Decentraland or Sandbox.We've done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the seven best blockchain-based advertising networks.

Best Blockchain Technology Marketing Platforms of 2024

1. Brave

Source: Brave

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. for web 3. Brave is a browser that prioritizes privacy by automatically blocking website tracking cookies and online ads. However, the browser provides its users with a unique feature that allows them to enable ads that rewards users for their attention in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brave's official currency. The BAT token fuels the Brave advertising ecosystem, whose primary goal is to offer real value to its users while the user retains complete control over their data and privacy.

For advertisers, Brave has created a decentralized advertising marketplace supported in nearly 200 countries that track user interactions with advertising content anonymously and store the data on its blockchain. The Brave browser had more than 49 million monthly active users (MAU) and 16 million daily active users (DAU), providing advertisers with a fantastic opportunity to reach their target audience in several different ways. Furthermore blockchain in digital marketing only, major blockchain brands such as crypto.com, Verizon, eToro, and others utilize Brave's advertising platform.

Ad formats supported by Brave browser:

- Mobile and desktop push notifications

Brave Push Message Feature

- Sponsored images on user's browser homepage

Brave Sponsored Images

- Brave News Ads

Brave News Ads

2. DOT Ads

DOT ADs Homepage

DOT Ads is a Crypto and Web3 Ad Network that provides an experience similar to Google Ads. With DOT, you can place your ads on top media sites like Cryptopolitan, CryptoGlobe, ForexLive, and more.

DOT Ads Web3 Marketing

The best part is, you have complete control over your budget, targeting, and spending. Plus, the user-friendly analytics reveal the story behind the clicks, giving your business the insights it needs to take charge of its growth strategy. What's even better, DOT Ads equips businesses with features like cookie-free interest targeting and AI-powered creative experiments. This means you can effortlessly connect your marketing teams with the right Crypto & Web3 audiences.

DOT Ads Content Marketplace

Trusted by well-known brands like Koinly, Trezor, and Huobi, DOT Ads is your ultimate choice for absolute online advertising freedom!

3. Coinzilla

Source: Coinzilla

Coinzilla, which was founded in 2016, is among the most popular crypto advertising networks, assisting marketers and entrepreneurs in promoting their blockchain and crypto projects. Coinzilla is a go-to place to encourage marketing blockchain and crypto-related projects, having completed over 12000+ marketing campaigns and being trusted by 50% of advertisers in the crypto world (as per their website). The Coinzilla ad network provides an all-in-one marketplace from which you can quickly run PR campaigns and sponsored articles across leading websites in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche.

Coinzilla Marketplace

Coinzilla works with high-quality traffic websites and delivers 1 billion or more monthly impressions and more than 1.8 million clicks per month. They offers multiple ad formats for both mobile and desktop:

- Classic banners

Classic Banners

- Native Ads

Native Ads

- Pop-under ads

Pop-Under Ads

- Header banner

Header Banner

- Sticky banner

Sticky Banner

4. Adshares


Adshares is a decentralized advertising blockchain platform that aims to provide advertisers with a light, fast, and secure blockchain dedicated to adtech. The Adhshares protocol backed by its own blockchain is building a complete ecosystem of programmatic advertising on web2, web3, and the metaverse. The Adshares blockchain has the ability to handle 1.4 million transactions per second. The Adshares blockchain protocol and ADS token enable advertisers and publishers to initiate direct online transactions, and execute campaigns without intermediaries, resulting in more cost-effective advertising campaigns.

Decentralized ad servers, optimized ad delivery, and the lack of intermediaries reduce the likelihood of censorship and ad blocking, which allows the Adshares platform to provide 165 million monthly impressions and 156K monthly clicks.

Adshares offer several ad formats and plans to introduce more ad formats as the web 3 space progresses. The current ad formats includes:

- Banner ads

- Newsletter promotion

- Press Releases

- Sponsored Articles

- Metaverse Ads

5. Bitmedia


Bitmedia is an AI-based advertising platform launched in 2015. On Bitmedia combat ad fraud, advertisers have access to various targeting options, including geo, device, timing, and frequency. The ad network receives over 1 billion impressions and over 20 million unique visitors per month. Currently, over 20,000 campaigns are being run by 5,000 cryptocurrency-based websites via Bitmedia's advertising platform.

Bitmedia employs stringent authentication checks to filter bot traffic and ensure that advertisers receive only genuine impressions. Bitmedia's team manually verifies each publisher to restrict ad fraud before adding them to their ad network. Check-ins such as third-party traffic control, manual clicks and impression moderation, and real-time data verification have also been added to the platform. This enables them to detect and eliminate paid traffic, bots, and fake impressions. Several crypto and blockchain brands, including OKEX, Cryptogeek, and Publish0x, have chosen Bitmedia's ad platform to execute their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Ad formats offered by Bitmedia:

- Text Ads

Text Ads

- Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads

- Images Ads

Images Ads

- HTML5 Ads


6. AdEx


Launched in 2017, AdEx is one of the first decentralized advertising networks that leverage the Ethereum blockchain network and smart contracts and aims to eradicate ad fraud and ensure that digital marketers can pay only for legitimate clicks. The AdEx platform is based on the CPM advertising model and supports DAI stablecoin for payments. The AdEx platform links advertisers and publishers directly without involving any third-party intermediary, which eliminates extra costs for advertisers and more profit for publishers. Moreover, the network protects the privacy of its end users by implementing contextual targeting based on the websites they visit.

AdEx currently has 300+ handpicked publishers from the blockchain and crypto niche and works with many prominent brands in the crypto space like Bitcoin.com, 1inch Exchange, StormGrain, etc. 

7. Dragon X

Dragon X

Dragon X is an emerging crypto ad platform that aims to become the de facto advertising platform for the crypto and blockchain space. It was launched in 2021. Since its inception, the Dragon X network has experienced tremendous growth, owing primarily to its innovative approach for marketers and publishers. Dragon X helps publishers to create their own ad inventory with the ability to set their own prices, and advertisers can browse the marketplace to find quality advertising contracts and options at a price that works for them.

Dragon X has developed a marketing platform aimed at web3 marketers. Instead of using fiat currency, the platform allows you to execute ads using DAX tokens, the Dragon X platforms' native currency. The ad platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and users can connect their decentralized wallets like Metamask to run ad campaigns and receive instant payouts. The platform provides several targeting options, such as targeting users based on their country of origin or visitors who have an Ethereum wallet installed on their device.

Ad formats offered by Dragon X:

- Sponsored posts

- Press releases

- Banner Ads

- HTML5 Ads

Special Mention | Adbank


Adbank is yet another decentralized advertising platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. By combining blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), the Adbank advertising network aims to cut out the middlemen that plague digital advertising and reduce ad fraud at the same time. Adbank's advertising ecosystem is fueled by the Adbank(ADB) token, which is the platform's native token. The ADB token acts as a medium of trade between advertisers and publishers, with each ADB representing an advertisement or advertisement. According to their whitepaper, Adbank's advertising platform will benefit both advertisers and publishers by eliminating the need for market intermediaries and protecting advertisers from various types of ad fraud such as anonymous proxy, fraudulent impressions, bot traffic, etc.

Ad formats offered by Adbank:

- Banner Ads

- Video Ads

Is Blockchain Marketing Suitable for Your Brand?

In the web 2 ecosystem, customer data remains exposed to ad fraud and poor management. As a result, integrating blockchain technology into the advertising industry appears ideal for advertisers. Furthermore, one of the many benefits of crypto ad platforms is their ability to effectively match advertisers and publishers without using intermediaries, thereby eliminating almost 50% of the advertising cost.

When it comes to advertising, we are at the beginning of a new concept in the planning and execution of our digital marketing services. Brands that embrace decentralized advertising's fair and transparent strategies will succeed in Web3. Interactions with customers will finally be on equal footing, ensuring brand loyalty and respect, which will increase social impact and blockchain adoption. Forward-thinking brands have already begun to use these blockchain ad platforms, and it's about time you started reaping the benefits of these ad platforms for your brand.


As we move further into the Web3 era, the adoption of blockchain marketing platforms is not just a trend but a strategic necessity for brands aiming to gain a competitive edge. These platforms offer accurate leads and allow brands to create targeted campaigns that reward consumers, enhancing overall brand visibility. By leveraging digital tokens and public ledger technology, marketers can streamline the payment process, reduce the risk of credit card fraud, and significantly enhance transparency in their campaigns.

Moreover, these platforms simplify complex concepts, making it easier to manage intellectual property and address privacy concerns. Forward-thinking brands that integrate these technologies will benefit from attracting traffic more efficiently and maintaining a higher level of security. As search engines evolve and the importance of viewing ads shifts towards a more consumer-centric model, the use of basic attention tokens and similar technologies will become integral in building lasting brand loyalty.

Embracing decentralized advertising not only provides a fair and transparent strategy but also positions brands to succeed in the rapidly changing digital landscape of Web3. Now is the time to leverage these innovations to enhance your marketing efforts and establish a stronger, more trustworthy connection with your audience.

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