The DApp List: Top Five Listing Websites 2024

January 12, 2023

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Editor's note: This post was originally published on August 17, 2022 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Ethereum was the first blockchain protocol to include smart contracts and allow for the construction of decentralized apps, paving the way for the future development of the DeFi and Web3 space. Since then, the DApp ecosystem has evolved significantly with the inclusion of more blockchain protocols such as EOS, Solana, and others, allowing for the development of DApps with lower fees and much faster transaction times.

Because of the popularity and somewhat mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, the DApp ecosystem has grown significantly. More than 30,000 decentralized applications are likely to be active or under development. While this number is nowhere near the scale of apps in the world of the web2 ecosystem, it is a massive number in the world of the web world, especially given that it is still in its infancy.

The introduction of new DApps is good news for the whole web3 ecosystem, but it has also created a big challenge for founders and developers to stand out from the competition and increase the visibility of their DApps. While there are various marketing strategies to grow a decentralized application, listing your decentralized application on a DApp listing platform should be the number one priority for web3 founders and marketers.

We did the research for you to find the best DApp listing websites for your decentralized applications, so you can spend less time on research and more time executing marketing strategies for your web3 project.

What is a DApp listing website?

In the web3 space, DApp listing websites are platforms that allow web3 projects to list their decentralized apps on their platform and provide users with a list of resources and useful information about DApps. The objective of DApp listing platforms is to provide a clear view and list of active DApps in the web3 ecosystem.

These platforms were initially created with the objective of showcasing the projects built on different blockchains. However, with time, DApp listing websites have become popular among crypto investors and users to find the latest details about decentralized applications and top-performing DApps.

DApp listing platforms compile data and share essential metrics such as activity rates, timeline, authenticity of a DApp's community, trading volumes, users, etc.

The importance of a DApp listing platform for decentralized apps

Prior to DApp listing platforms, plain ranking, which is basically other users' opinions, used to be the preferred way for crypto enthusiasts, investors and users to determine the performance of a DApp. It was an ideal way to find the popular app among crypto enthusiasts and users, but new and emerging DApps faced the challenge of becoming popular among crypto investors and users due to lack of reviews.

This is the place where a DApp listing platform comes into the picture. A DApp listing platform is trusted by crypto users and investors to provide genuine online ranking along with updated security information and in-depth insights about a DApp in real-time.

The popularity of DAPP listing platforms among crypto users simply makes it one of the most important marketing mediums for any future decentralized application looking to grow its user base, functionality and community.

The 5 best websites to list your DApps in 2023

1. DappRadar

DappRadar Homepage
  • Year of Launch: 2018
  • Monthly platform visitors: 1.80M+
  • Domain Authority: 64
  • Number of apps listed: 1190+
  • Supported platforms: Ethereum, EOS, TRON, ONT, ThunderCore, Waves, WAX, Steem, Hive, BNB Chain, Polygon, Flow, NEAR, Avalanche, Telos, Tezos, RSK, IoTeX, Vulcan Forged, Harmony, OKC, Solana, Ronin, Klaytn, Everscale, Heco, DEP, Immutable X, Fuse, Algorand, TelosEVM, Cronos, Moonriver, Moonbeam, Fantom, Oasis Network, Shiden, Celo, KardiaChain, Hedera, Optimism, Astar, Stacks, Zilliqa, Aurora, Theta


  • Twitter: 175k+ Followers
  • Discord: 14k+ Members
  • Facebook: 4.4k+ Likes
  • YouTube: 6.2k+ Subscribers
  • Instagram: 7.6k+ Followers

DappRadar is hands down the best DApp listing website currently in the web3 ecosystem. Their goal is to create the leading ecosystem for exploring, tracking, and managing decentralized ecosystems. DappRadar supports listing DApps from over 48 protocols and also offers portfolio management to its users along with actionable industry insights. Apart from listing a DApp, you can also create airdrop and advertising campaigns for your NFT or token launch on DappRadar.

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To advertise your web3 project on DappRadar you need to contact DappRadar team by submitting this form.

You can submit your DApp or a web3 project on DappRadar through their website.

DappRadar requires you to submit the following information while listing your DApp.

  • DApp Name
  • Category
  • DApp Logo
  • Website URL
  • Description of your DApp
  • Protocol, etc

In terms of ranking and stats DappRadar displays the following information about a DApp:

  • Users
  • Transactions
  • Volume
  • DApp's wallet balance
  • Historical activity

2. State of the DApps

State of the DApps
  • Year of Launch: 2016
  • Monthly platform visitors: 24.40K+
  • Number of apps listed: 4073
  • Supported platforms: Ethereum, Klaytn, EOS, Steem, Hive, POA, xDai, Neo, Obyte, OST, Loom, GoChain, Blockstack, TRON, ICON, NEAR, BNB Chain, Moonriver, Meter
  • Domain Authority: 54


  • Twitter: 14.9k+ Followers
  • Reddit: 252 Members

State of the DApps is a not-for-profit directory network of decentralized applications that allows the listing of DApps for 10+ protocols/platforms. The platform was initially launched to showcase the development of Ethereum protocol-based DApps. Due to the tremendous growth experienced by the platform, it has expanded to showcase the development of the DApp ecosystem across several other protocols.

State of the Dapps also allows decentralized applications the option to run advertising campaigns. The platform claims on their website that they offer a higher CTR than the industry average of 1.91% for search ads and 0.35% for display ads.

State of the Dapps requires you to submit the following information while listing your DApp.

  • DApp Name
  • Category
  • DApp Logo
  • Website URL & DApp URL
  • Description of your DApp
  • Protocol/Platform
  • DApp Authors
  • Product Screenshot
  • DApp Status, etc

In terms of ranking and stats State of the Dapps displays the following information about a DApp:

  • Active Users
  • Transactions
  • Volume
  • Historical activity


3. Homepage
  • Year of Launch: 2018
  • Monthly platform visitors: 109k+
  • Number of apps listed: 3000+
  • Supported platforms: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, TRON, Neo, Steem, TomoChain, Vexanium, ICON, Chiliz, Hive, Near Protocol, ThunderCore, Zilliqa, Tezos, Fuse, Kardiachain
  • Domain Authority: 52


  • Twitter: 62.3k Followers
  • LinkedIn: 1.8k Followers
  • Reddit: 578 Members
  • YouTube: 1.23k Subscribers is another listing website for decentralized applications that is focused on providing access to an unparalleled platform for blockchain developers and founders to showcase their DApps and its performance to a wider web3 focused audience. offers listings of decentralized applications from over 15 blockchain networks across categories such as DeFi, Games, Exchange, Social, Art, etc.

You can submit your decentralized game and applications on through a form on their webpage. requires you to submit following information while listing your DApp.

  • DApp Name
  • Category
  • DApp Logo
  • Website URL & DApp URL
  • Description of your DApp
  • Protocol/Platform information
  • Product Screenshot
  • Smart contract details, etc

In terms of ranking and stats displays the following information about a DApp:

  • Active Users
  • Transactions
  • Volume
  • Historical activity
  • Reviews, etc

4. The Dapp List

The Dapp List Homepage

The Dapp List is a community-curated platform that enables users to explore a variety of Web3 projects across different blockchain ecosystems. Launched to serve the growing interest in decentralized applications (DApps), the platform covers diverse categories including DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, the Metaverse, and gaming.

The website features several sections that allow users to interact and gain insights:

  • Explore: Users can browse through listed projects, gaining insights into a variety of decentralized applications and their functionalities.
  • Leaderboard: This section highlights active contributors within the community, showcasing rankings based on proposals, votes, and overall engagement.
  • Launchpad: A feature that supports new projects seeking exposure and growth within the Web3 space.
  • Invest: Aimed at potential investors, this area provides opportunities to fund promising DApps.
  • Synergy: A collaborative tool designed to enhance ecosystem interactions and project development.

Community involvement is a cornerstone of The Dapp List, where members can propose, vote, and curate projects, contributing to the governance of the platform. Users can also access a range of resources including blogs, documentation, and newsletters, which provide further education on DApps and their development.

Additionally, The Dapp List supports interaction through various social media channels including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, enabling wide-reaching community engagement and updates.

For anyone looking to delve deeper into the capabilities and offerings of The Dapp List, visit their main page.

5. Homepage
  • Year of Launch: NA
  • Monthly platform visitors: NA
  • Number of apps listed: 318
  • Supported platforms: Ethereum, Waves, Telos, Tezos, EOS, TRON, Neo, Steem, Harmony, Avalanche, TomoChain, IOST, OKExChain, NEAR, Ontology, Flow, Vexanium, Terra, ICON, IoTeX, Hive, ThunderCore, Chiliz, Solana, WAX, McashChain, DRK, Polygon, Zilliqa, BNB Chain, Fuse, Klaytn, LOOM, VeChain, Immutable X, Cronos, Moonriver, Moonbeam, Fantom, Oasis Network, Celo
  • Domain Authority: 21


  • Twitter: 4386 Followers
  • Facebook: 4275 Followers
  • Instagram: 10k+ Followers
  • YouTube: 2.82k+ Subscribers is another growing directory for decentralized applications that offers its users information and insights about a full DApp list, latest news and trends in the web3 ecosystem, and industry insights. The platform supports the listing of decentralized applications from over 15 blockchain networks. To list your app on you need to contact their team from the form listed on their website or through their social media channels.

In terms of ranking and stats displays the following features and information about a DApp:

  • Active Users
  • Transactions
  • Volume
  • Historical activity
  • Smart contract details
  • Reviews, etc

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