Top 3 NFT Calendars To Promote Your NFT Drops In 2024

June 7, 2024

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on August 19, 2022 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

The use of NFTs as a potential source of revenue generation by artists and designers is on the rise. Many brands, artists, illustrators, and designers are increasingly earning from the sale of NFTs. Earlier, we discussed how to market your NFT project; in this article, we’ll discuss the top NFT calendars for promoting your NFT drops.

Staying updated with the latest NFT drops and trends is crucial to avoid missing out on new opportunities and having to purchase from the secondary market.

Table of contents:

  • What is an NFT drop?
  • The benefits of listing your project on NFT calendar websites
  • 3 best NFT calendars to promote your NFT collection
  • Bonus NFT calendar sites
  • NFT calendar sites can help you build hype for your NFT project

Let’s dive right into the article.

What is an NFT drop?

An NFT drop is essentially the distribution of non-fungible tokens. It is the specific day and time when creators or brands launch their NFT for their users and investors. The goal of NFT drops is to generate excitement and build a community around the NFT project.

The more excitement around your NFTs, the more value your NFT investors will give them. NFT drops also help build hype by announcing the NFT drop date ahead of time. With the increased demand for NFTs, investors prefer to keep an eye out for future NFT drops to be the first ones to try and purchase them.

Missing NFT drops can be frustrating, so it's crucial to stay informed about popular NFT releases to avoid missing out.

There are various tools and strategies available to help NFT collectors and investors find suitable NFT projects, and one of the best ways is by using NFT calendars to find suitable projects.

The benefits of listing your project on NFT calendar websites

NFT calendars are websites and apps that function as calendars, showing all live and upcoming events related to NFT drops. NFT calendars, often referred to as NFT droppers, include NFT airdrops from various NFT marketplaces and blockchains. Their primary goal is to make collectors’ lives easier by collecting upcoming NFT launches in a single place. This eliminates the need for NFT investors and collectors to spend hours hunting for the best NFT airdrops. Crypto enthusiasts who want to know about the newest NFT drops can visit these platforms and view information about upcoming NFT drops.

Most typically, NFT calendars include images and a description detailing the launch date and other details regarding your NFT drop schedule of different projects, enabling users to learn more about them. The best part about NFT calendars is that they can provide increased visibility and assist you in swiftly selling your NFT collection.

3 best NFT calendars to promote your NFT collection


NFT Homepage
  • Year of launch: 2021
  • Monthly website traffic: 223.3k+
  • Domain Authority: 50
  • NFT drops listed: 34.8k+
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Avax Network, WAX, Elrond, Tezos, FLOW, Fantom, Terra, EOSIO, Internet Computer, Immutable X, TON, Harmony, XRP Ledger, NEAR, Secret, Moonriver, VeChain, Theta, xDAI, Waves, HIVE, Hedera, Hathor, DeSo, TRON, Ethernity, Stellar XLM, LINE, Algorand, Casper, Everscale, Ziliqa, Evmos

NFT holders can enjoy exclusive access to virtual lounges or nightclubs in the metaverse, enhancing their overall experience.


  • Twitter: 34.2k+ Followers
  • Discord: 49.3k+ Members
  • Youtube: 855 Subscribers was one of the earliest calendars that enabled NFT projects to submit their NFT launches. NFT is well-known for featuring some of the most eye-catching NFT drops, thrilling events, and high-profile NFT launches. It is a popular site for locating upcoming NFT drops and has partnered with prominent names in the NFT space such as Bitcourier, NFTNDX.IO, and Brydge. Moreover, NFT lets creators and projects post their NFT drops to the calendar for free, making it one of the best platforms to list your NFT collection.

You can create your NFT drop event on NFT

NFT requires you to provide the following information while creating your NFT drop event:

  • Event title
  • Event description
  • Cover image
  • Event date
  • Host Blockchain
  • Marketplace
  • Categories
  • Event links

Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper NFT Homepage
  • Year of launch: 2021
  • Monthly website traffic: 195.7k+
  • Domain Authority: 53
  • NFT projects listed: 1.6k+
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance, Cardano, Elrond, Cronos, Avalanche

Rarity Sniper is a platform that highlights popular NFT drops, helping users stay up-to-date with the hottest and latest NFT trends.


  • Twitter: 492k+ Followers
  • Discord: 321k+ members

The Rarity Sniper is one of the best NFT rarity inspection tools preferred by most advanced NFT traders. The platform has one of the biggest NFT communities in the NFT ecosystem. Rarity Sniper has partnered with several prominent names in the NFT space, such as LooksRare, CoinMarketCap, OKX, Rarible, etc.

You can list your NFT collection on Rarity Sniper. Rarity Sniper requires you to provide the following information while listing your NFT collection:

  • Collection name
  • Blockchain
  • Twitter URL
  • Discord URL
  • Sale status
  • NFTs minted so far
  • Total supply
  • Sale date, etc

NFT Drops Calendar

NFT Drops Calendar Homepage
  • Year of launch: NA
  • Monthly website traffic: 26.6k+
  • 48
  • Number of NFT projects listed: NA
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BNB Chain, FLOW, Cardano, AVAX, WAX, Harmony, Elrond, Immutable-X

NFT Drops Calendar is a comprehensive platform that provides detailed information on upcoming drops, helping users find and filter upcoming NFT releases. It emphasizes the importance of research to identify promising and legitimate upcoming NFT drops while warning about potential risks and unverified collections.


  • Twitter: 64.1k Followers
  • Discord: 13.8k Members
  • Instagram: 16.3k Followers is a popular NFT calendar for promoting your NFT drops. In addition to providing free listings of NFT drops, the NFT drops calendar also offers a premium listing option which costs 0.10 ETH and offers features such as:

  • Choosing between multiple image formats such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Twitter feed
  • Carousal section for visibility
  • Display banner

You can check more information and submit your NFT collection on the NFT Drops Calendar.

While listing your NFT collection, you need to provide the following details:

  • Project name
  • Blockchain
  • Collection count
  • Traits count
  • Public and pre-sale prices
  • Minting dates
  • Project description
  • Collection Image
  • Tags
  • Official links, etc

Bonus NFT calendar sites

NFT Evening

NFT Evening is a comprehensive platform focused on all things related to NFTs and the metaverse. The site provides up-to-date news, guides, and reviews covering a range of topics from blockchain games and collectibles to interviews and market analyses. It serves as a valuable resource for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts in the NFT space, offering insights into the latest trends, technological advancements, and significant events within the industry.

Key offerings of NFT Evening include detailed news articles, a rich calendar of upcoming and ongoing NFT drops, and educational content aimed at demystifying various aspects of NFTs. The site also features interviews with key players in the NFT market, reviews of new NFT projects, and guides that help users navigate complex topics like minting NFTs and understanding blockchain technology.

The platform is well-integrated with social media, providing continuous updates and engagements through Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, making it easy for users to stay connected and informed.

For those interested in exploring this dynamic field further, visiting NFT Evening provides a thorough understanding of the evolving landscape of digital assets and virtual goods Homepage
  • Year of launch: 2021
  • Monthly website traffic: 90k+
  • 40
  • Number of NFT projects listed:
  • Supported blockchain protocols: NA


  • Twitter: 60.8k+ Followers
  • Discord: 24k+ Members
  • Facebook: 11.5k+ Followers
  • Instagram: 10.6k+ Followers is another popular NFT calendar site that provides information about upcoming NFT projects, including releases, drops, auctions, giveaways, etc. The platform notifies users about new NFTs through a Discord bot and emphasizes the importance of research and preparation for upcoming NFT drops. The projects can list their collection for free and the platform also has a whitelist section where users can register for the whitelist of your NFT project with an option to win a free mint before the launch. also offers real-time tracking of NFT sales, however, the tool is currently in beta phase.

You can submit your NFT collection on You need to submit the following details while listing your NFT collection:

  • Project’s name
  • Cover image
  • Official links
  • Description
  • Category
  • Mint dates, etc also offers banner advertising on their platform.

NFT calendar sites can help you build hype for your NFT project

Before an NFT launch, you have to create enthusiasm and build a community around your projects. The more buzz there is about your NFTs, the more value people will place on them, which increases the chances of your NFTs being sold out. So, once you've completed your NFTs, it's time to get folks interested in them.

A speedy sell-out is the best product launch result. NFTs that sell out quickly make headlines, catch the attention of NFT fans, and gain enhanced value on the secondary market.

With so many NFTs to select from and the option for anybody to create their own NFT, the market is highly dynamic, making NFT calendars vital for NFT projects and investors.


1. What is an NFT drop?

An NFT drop refers to the scheduled release of non-fungible tokens by creators or brands at a specific time and date. The primary aim of an NFT drop is to generate excitement and foster a community around the NFT project, increasing the perceived value of the NFTs and potentially leading to rapid sales once they are available.

2. Why should I list my project on an NFT calendar website?

Listing your NFT project on an NFT calendar website offers numerous benefits. It provides visibility among crypto enthusiasts who are actively looking for new NFTs to invest in. These platforms aggregate various NFT drops, making it easier for potential buyers to discover your project. Additionally, they can significantly boost your marketing efforts by reaching a targeted audience that is already interested in NFTs, potentially increasing traffic to your project and improving sales opportunities.

3. What are some of the best NFT calendars to promote an NFT collection?

Some of the top NFT calendars to consider for promoting your NFT collection include:

  • NFT Known for its comprehensive listing and substantial community engagement on platforms like Twitter and Discord.
  • Rarity Sniper: Favoured for its detailed NFT rarity insights and large social media following, making it a popular choice for advanced traders.
  • NFT Drops Calendar: Offers both free and premium listing options which can enhance visibility through features like carousel sections and display banners.

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