Best Web3 Community Management Agencies - Top Choices For 2023

November 14, 2022

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Community Management

A community can be defined as a group of people who share a common interest or goal. Since the first blockchain project, pretty much every crypto project has been built around a community. The success of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), which seek to transform cooperative organizational structures, demonstrates the importance of communities in web3.

The success of these decentralized organizations rests on two pillars: functional technology and an engaged community. The common path project founders take is to focus on the technology (which is critical), but the community is commonly misunderstood and neglected.

So, What do we mean by web3 community management?

Community management in web3 is the process of handling a group of stakeholders, such as token holders, platform users, or your audience. In a broad sense, managing a Web3 community involves two aspects: first, promoting your project to your target audience, and second, constructing and cultivating relationships between community members and the brand. Usually, the goal of community management is to get people to care more about a project and become more loyal to it.

Building and nurturing strong communities is essential to the growth and success of any cryptocurrency or blockchain-based brand. By increasing your community engagement, you will be able to foster greater trust and understanding among your community members.

While it's true that we have communities on Web2, marketing strategies like influencer collaborations, paid partnerships, paid advertising, and other organic marketing strategies are preferred for increasing a brand's traction and revenue. While some of these strategies are also applicable in the Web3 space, building your own tribe is more important in Web3. It is about people mutually respecting and serving one another. 

Why community management in web3 matters?

1. A community is one of the core element of your crypto products and services

In web3, your users are more than just customers; they are also members of your community and an important part of the growth and development of your crypto product. Even if you've built a fantastic Dapp or NFT in Web3, the fate of your project ultimately rests in the hands of your community.

Instead of a small group of people making decisions for the entire brand, Web3 is more about communities working together to effect change. If people do not consider your community to be one that will flourish, then it is possible that they will not want to invest their money in the project that you are working on.

2. There's a mutual ownership of projects in web3

There is always mutual ownership of the project in Web3 communities, whether it is tokens, NFTs, DeFi apps, or DAOs. The community members are there because they believe in the project you are building and are willing to invest in the project's ecosystem; they're more likely to be invested in its success, which is a win-win for your crypto project and the community members because they're more inclined to put in the extra effort to help ensure that the project meets its goals because they're invested in its success, not just using it.

3. Endless creative opportunities

We can draw on the creativity of the community members by involving them in the development phase and generating fresh, cutting-edge applications for Web3 technologies. Since the community has more of a say in the project's management, they are more likely to offer suggestions and participate in decision-making than they would be under centralized organizations.

4. True ownership of your audience

Web3 provides us with the chance to own both our economy and our audience. Commonly, the project's creator and the community that backs it have ownership and management responsibilities for a Web3 project, rather than a central authority.

Best web3 community management agencies to work with in 2023

As web3 reveals a new path in which the relationship between users and brands is more than transactional, web3 founders are eager to focus on community management in order to maintain their connection with their community members.

Here is the list of the 5 best web3 marketing agencies that can help you with community building.

1. GrowthChain

Homepage of web3 marketing agency GrowthChain

GrowChain is a web3 marketing agency that has experience offering community management services to several crypto and NFT projects. GrowthChain has successfully established itself as a go-to crypto marketing agency that specializes in community management. We put a great emphasis on understanding your niche, developing your audience's trust, and building a thriving crypto community for your brand.

If you're looking for an agency to help you with community building, send us an email at or submit the form at the bottom of this page.

GrowthChain also provides marketing services such as social media management, influencer marketing, content marketing, public relations management, and web3 marketing services such as DAO marketing, NFT marketing, DeFi marketing, Metaverse marketing, and much more. 

2. Lunar Strategy

Homepage of web3 marketing firm Lunar strategy

Lunar Strategy is a full-service crypto marketing agency that specializes in offering digital marketing services to web3 startups, including community management. Their expertise lies in developing and nurturing audiences for your crypto project on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and others, as well as community management platforms like Discord and Telegram. They have a strong team of passionate web3 marketers who always try to go the extra mile to get your project to the next level.

3. Coinbound

Homepage of crypto marketing agency Coinbound

Coinbound is a community management company well-known for promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain companies throughout the digital community. They have media partnerships with well-known Web3 influencers and media agencies to reach their target audience. Coinbound assists cryptocurrency brands in going viral. They have been called the "Top Digital Marketing Company" and the "Top Rated ICO Marketing Agencies" by major platforms. 

4. TokenMinds

homepage of web3 marketing agency TokenMinds

TokenMinds is a top web3 marketing agency that offers digital marketing services to blockchain and crypto projects. The web3 marketing agency provides dedicated community managers to web3 projects that helps them in community management and convert users into token holders. The agency also offers 24/7 community management support to brands. TokenMinds has also helped in the development and expansion of several crypto brands around the world.

5. Single Grain

Homepage of web3 marketing agency Single Grain

Single Grain is the final agency on our list of the best web3 community management agencies. Single Grain is a leading web2 digital marketing agency with deep roots in web3 marketing as well. They provide community management services to a variety of cryptocurrency businesses. Eric Siu, the founder of Single Grain, also has his own NFT gated community called Levelling up, which is comprised of prominent web2 and web3 professionals.

Community management - Best practices and resources

Community management is now a core function in web3 marketing rather than a support role as it was in web2. In fact, web3 marketing is nearly impossible without the proper frameworks in place to manage your community.

With so much nonsense surrounding community management, it's easy to lose track of vital information. But don't worry, we've got you covered; simply use these resources to begin building the community you want for your project.

- Discord Guide: How to Build an Engaging Community for Your Blockchain and NFT Project

- 19 Discord Bots To Increase Your Crypto Discord Server's Growth

- Telegram Community Marketing Guide: How To Build A Strong Crypto Community

- The Ultimate Community Building Guide For Your Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game

Looking for community management? Let’s talk

Blockchain is a fast-paced industry and staying on top of what is going on and when is a full-time job. Furthermore, the projects with the most engaged and active communities have a better chance of winning.

Managing web3 communities, on the other hand, can be difficult and chaotic at times. If you lack the time or experience to do everything yourself, you can collaborate with a crypto community management agency that has prior experience building crypto communities.

Get a free consultation for your web3 project by contacting us today.

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