Crypto Podcast Marketing: How to market a crypto podcast (Part 2)

August 2, 2022

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In the first part of the crypto podcast marketing guide, we addressed the importance of podcasts for crypto marketing, how to plan your crypto podcast, and the tools you need to create a podcast. In this guide, we'll go over the marketing strategies you'll need to grow your web3 podcast.

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We're going to talk about:

- Best podcasting platforms for your podcasts

- Marketing strategies to grow your crypto podcast

- Leverage podcasts to grow your web3 project

Let's get into the good stuff.

Best podcasting platforms for your web3 podcasts

1. Spotify

Spotify is the most popular app among podcast listeners worldwide. Users prefer the Spotify app because it allows them to listen to podcasts and music without changing apps. Additionally, the Shopify app personalizes the user feed depending on their preferences, which might help you reach more listeners. Spotify also provides unique data that can inform you how well your content is being received by your target audience. Web browsers, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, media devices, and gaming consoles can all access the app.

2. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is an obvious choice for most iOS users, owing to its smooth listening experience. Apple Podcasts also provides a monetization option, allowing your listeners to sponsor you by becoming paying subscribers and receiving special privileges such as ad-free listening, early access to new episodes, and admission to exclusive events. The podcasting app is free for iOS users and includes a transcript option.

3. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is a free-to-download and listen-to app with a simple and user-friendly layout. Despite the fact that Google Podcasts is accessible on both Android and iOS, it is most likely the greatest podcasting app for Android smartphones. Google Podcasts includes a smart audio playlist function that can build personalized podcast suggestions based on the user's listening history and preferences.

The app has a 30-second fast-forward button, a 10-second replay button, a sleep timer, and the ability to "trim silent" a show. You can also speed up or slow down an episode and share it with others. Transcripts, like Apple Podcasts, are only available if they are included in an episode's description.

Marketing strategies to grow your cryptocurrency podcast

1. Podcast SEO

Since podcasts are an audio-first content type, many web3 marketers often overlook the importance of SEO. However, SEO, when done correctly, can boost your online discoverability by ranking your content highly in search engines.

Use these SEO strategies to improve the visibility of your podcast on search engines:

- Use relevant keywords and meta tags on your podcast episode page.

- Include show notes with your episode to help your listeners skim through your podcast.

- Add podcast transcripts and blogs around the topics you discussed in your podcast.

2. Create a podcast landing page on your website

Your web3 project's website should have a landing page dedicated to your crypto podcast. Create a short teaser for your podcast and embed it on your landing page. Include a list of your episodes, as well as an audio player and a link where your audience can listen to and subscribe to all of your web3 podcasts.

You should also include an "about us" section for your blockchain podcast, where you explain why your audience should listen to your crypto podcast, as well as a list of your podcast episodes. For example, check out the about section of a16z's podcast, where they explain to their listeners about themselves and what's in it for them.

a16z podcast summary

Source: a16z

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3. Share your podcast in your newsletter

Email marketing might sound like an outdated strategy for crypto marketing, but it is still relevant for crypto and NFT businesses to increase engagement. A weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter delivered straight to your subscriber's inbox.

You can also ask your subscribers to opt-in for email notifications and update them when you release new episodes. Introduce your episode title, talk briefly about your guests, and provide a brief description of your episode with a link to the podcast. Apart from including information about your podcast episode and guests, you can also curate content that your audience might find interesting as well as include exclusive content for newsletter subscribers.

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4. Encourage reviews and feedback from your listeners

Reviews are critical in generating positive sentiments about your show and in ranking your blockchain podcast in the highlight section of podcasting applications like Spotify and Google Podcasts. Google considers reviews when ranking podcasts in search results, so more good reviews can boost your podcast's chances of ranking highly in Google Search.

Positive reviews also boost your social proof, which informs new listeners about how well your podcast was received. We recommend that you include a call to action (CTA) at the end of each episode inviting listeners to write a review if they like your cryptocurrency podcast.

5. Include keywords in your episode title

Podcast founders often make the mistake of naming their podcast titles "Episode 1," "Episode 2," etc. This type of title is not good for you because your audience and search engines will not know what to expect from that particular episode. Similar to choosing a name for your crypto podcast, writing a good title that is searchable and descriptive is crucial to increasing the click-through rate of your episodes.

Titles are also a great place to include keywords that your listeners are searching for in their favourite podcasting app, as they will help you show up in the search results. For example, if a user is searching for "How to keep NFTs secure" and you have an episode on this, then your podcast will have a much better chance of ranking high for that topic and your audience will be able to find what they were looking for. A win-win for everyone.

6. Write a compelling description

Your podcast description is a short paragraph that gives your audience a brief introduction to your episode. According to research from "The Podcast Host", your podcast description is the most important thing users will read while deciding if they want to listen to your podcast. Most often, podcast hosts write a generic description common to all episodes with the relevant keywords, which is a bad strategy.

Source: The Podcast Host

Source: The Podcast Host

With the description, your goal should be to take a listener-first approach and write for an audience who is interested in the topic of your episode. You should also include relevant keywords without keyword stuffing, as this will help search engines find and rank you in search engine results. Your description is also going to help your users find you on podcasting apps.

7. Repurpose your podcast on YouTube

Repurposing your episodes into videos or audiograms is a clever strategy to promote your blockchain business across multiple platforms. Repurposing episodes as videos also provides you with significant SEO potential, which can help you expand your reach in the blockchain area. You can also use YouTube Shorts, which presently has the greatest reach, to provide takeaways and useful bits from your cryptocurrency podcast.

8. Host contests

The last crypto podcast marketing tip that we're going to discuss in this article is hosting contests and giveaways for your podcast. Hosting a contest can be a fun and effective promotional strategy to quickly boost your subscriber base. When hosting a contest, announce it on your podcast as well as on social media to generate maximum buzz and increase participation.

Contest prizes can include:

- NFTs

- tokens or a cryptocurrency

- Merch

- Whitelist spot for an NFT or blockchain project

Leverage podcasts to grow your web3 project

Podcasts are an excellent content marketing strategy for increasing the user base and community of your web3 project by educating your target audience. Marketing a podcast requires the same amount of time and effort as creating and recording it. It makes no difference if you are establishing a podcast to provide information on blockchain and web3 space or to promote your project; you must develop a strong marketing strategy to increase your subscriber count.

We hope that these simple crypto podcast marketing methods have empowered you to grow your web3 show's audience and engagement. In the end, it's all about getting your web3 show in front of as many people as possible—whether that's through social media, YouTube, podcasting apps, communities, or all of the above!

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