Case Study: Wolves of Rome Sell 2000 NFTs in 32 Hours

Case Study


  • Client: Wolves of Rome
  • Industry: NFT Game
  • Service: Influencer Outreach


  • 2000 NFTs sold
  • The NFT collection was sold out in 32 hours

About the Wolves of Rome

Source: Wolves of Rome

Wolves of Rome is a play-and-earn NFT trading card game built on the Cardano blockchain that involves building your deck around legendary commanders and pitting them against other players in epic competitive battles. The NFT game allows players to build their own collection of fighters, battle with other players, participate in tournaments, and earn while playing the game. 

Wolves of Rome was looking to onboard influencers for their genesis NFT drop. The Empire Wolves were set to drop on July 28th for whitelisted users and July 29th for the public sale. The objective was to find influencers for the NFT launch to build their awareness and increase their reach within the Cardano community and get more people excited about the Wolves of Rome NFT collection as well as their trading card game.

The Challenges

Wolves of Rome wanted to achieve the best brand visibility by engaging with relevant influencers across Twitter and YouTube. The major challenge was to find influencers with an organic following and engagement in order to further build a community. 

The Strategy

Source: Wolves of Rome

We developed a strategy of doing outreach to people with a real following and engagement. Since the Cardano community is a close knitted space, we focused on people who were actively creating content for the Cardano community despite having lower reach compared to influencers with big numbers. 

To find the influencers suitable for Wolves of Rome, we created a detailed vetting process for influencer profiles on Twitter and YouTube. The key metrics for the vetting process were average engagement on their posts and video views on Youtube. We only boarded influencers that passed our vetting process, even if they didn’t have a huge following. The onboarding process took one week, during which we personally reached out to a lot of influencers and Cardano supporters.

After successfully onboarding the influencers to spread word about Wolves of Rome’s NFT launch, we kicked off our influencer marketing campaign and worked with influencers on producing videos, articles, and tweets. We also consistently hosted Twitter spaces, where the Wolves of Rome team talked to the people following the influencers and answered their questions regarding Wolves of Rome.

The Results

Through our influence outreach, we successfully onboarded a number of influencers who spread the word about Wolves of Rome through tweets, videos, articles, and Twitter spaces. The campaign successfully ran for two weeks until the mint date and resulted in 2000 NFTs sold out in 32 hours, raising 300.6k ADA in mint sales.

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Wolves of Rome - Card Game

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