How to Create a Crypto Affiliate Program: The Guide

July 13, 2024

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Cryptocurrencies have drawn the interest of traders, investors, and companies alike in recent years due to their rising popularity. Companies seek strategies to market their goods or services to a larger audience as more businesses enter the crypto arena. Making use of the crypto market through crypto affiliate marketing and affiliate programs is one efficient way to do this.

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs enable businesses to collaborate with people or other organizations who market their goods or services in return for a commission. A crypto affiliate has a strong motivation to promote the business’s products since they can earn money, and a passive income from each sale brought about by their referrals. For businesses, a crypto affiliate program can be an affordable method to raise brand awareness, improve website traffic, and produce new leads and sales. Companies may access the cryptocurrency market and broaden their influence in the cryptocurrency sector by utilizing the power of crypto affiliates.

Numerous crypto companies are attempting to take advantage of the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies by establishing their own crypto affiliate programs. Companies can compensate crypto investors, users or other businesses for marketing their goods or services thanks to crypto affiliate programs. We’ll outline the steps a business has to take to develop and advertise a crypto affiliate program in this guide.

Step 1: Establish Your Goals

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Establishing your goals before starting a crypto or bitcoin affiliate program is crucial. What objectives do you have for your crypto affiliate program? Increasing brand exposure, increasing website traffic, generating new leads, increasing sales, creating a recurring revenue stream and forming alliances with other businesses in your field are some typical goals.

You can choose the best strategy to promote your crypto assets and affiliate programs and gauge the effectiveness of your crypto affiliate program by clearly defining your objectives. Setting attainable objectives that complement your overarching business plan is crucial. Joining crypto affiliate programs can also help you achieve these goals by providing a steady stream of passive income and high commissions.

Step 2: Select the Best Crypto Affiliate Program Offers

Best Crypto Affiliate Program Offers

Choosing a crypto affiliate platform is the next step after defining your goals. ReferralCandy, Affise, Partnerize, HasOffers, Fuul, and Tapfiliate are just a few of the best crypto affiliate programs. Every crypto affiliate program is different in terms of functionality, referral trading fees, and connectors. It's crucial to pick the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs, that accommodate your requirements and works with your current systems.

Take into account the following elements while selecting a platform:

• Usability: You and your affiliates should be able to use the platform with ease.

• Tracking capabilities: To ensure proper tracking of referrals and commissions, the platform should have strong tracking capabilities and affiliate reporting features.

• Payment choices: The platform should provide affiliates with a range of payment methods such as bank transfer, fiat currencies and signup bonuses.

• Reporting: The platform ought to offer thorough reporting on how your affiliate program is doing.

Step 3: Set Commission Rates and Payment Terms

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Setting commission rates and affiliate rewards for your crypto affiliate program is the next stage. The sort of product or service you sell and the industry you work in can affect the commission rates. To entice affiliates and motivate them to market your goods or services, you must provide competitive pricing.

Take into account the following elements when determining commission rates and affiliate fees for crypto affiliate programs:

• Your margin of profit: Consistently check that your commission rates are in line with your profit margin.

• Business norms: To ensure your commission rates are reasonable, research industry standards and actual regulatory restrictions.

• Product or service type: Depending on the kind of goods or services you provide, commission rates can change.

Although there are some variations in payment terms, most crypto affiliate programs pay a dedicated affiliate manager on a monthly basis. You can set up automated payments on some cryptocurrency platforms, which makes it simpler to administer your crypto affiliate program.

Step 4: Create Marketing Materials

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You must produce marketing materials that dedicated affiliates can use to advertise your goods or services in order to promote your crypto affiliate program. This can apply to email templates, an affiliate page, text links, a unique referral or custom affiliate link name, social media posts, and banners and adverts.

Make sure your marketing program has materials that are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Affiliates can advertise your goods or services in a number of ways provided you give them a selection of marketing materials, this gives them the best ability to earn money on your program. Provide clear directions on how to use your marketing materials and keep track of their referred customers.

Step 5: Recruit Crypto Affiliates

The next stage is to find affiliate marketers when your marketing materials have been prepared. Reaching out to industry influencers, promoting your affiliate program on your social media accounts, Twitter account and other platforms, attending industry events and networking with potential affiliates, and reaching out to current customers and providing them with the opportunity to become affiliates and earn money are just a few of the ways to find new ones.

It's crucial to give a prospective affiliate marketer detailed instructions on how to market your goods or services and keep track of their recommendations when hiring them. Make sure to give them the required promotional materials and respond to any inquiries they may have.

Step 6: Review and Evaluate the Outcomes

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Regularly tracking and evaluating the outcomes is crucial to the success of crypto affiliate programs. This may involve keeping tabs on the number of clicks, leads, and sales that are produced by your affiliate partners. This information can be used to pinpoint top performers in your affiliate network and enhance your promotional products and commission rates.

Take into account the following elements when analyzing your results:

• Conversion rate: What percentage of affiliate link hits result in actual referral purchases?

• Cost per acquisition: How much of your revenue are you paying on commissions and transaction fees?

• Top-performing affiliates: Which affiliates generate the most sales for you, and how are they doing it?

You can use this information to influence your judgments about how to optimize your affiliate program and raise its effectiveness so it becomes among the best crypto affiliate programs.

Step 7: Offer Assistance and Communication

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Building a successful affiliate program requires communicating with and supporting your affiliate partners. Provide detailed instructions on how to use your marketing materials so that you can keep track of their referrals. Your affiliates should receive timely responses to any queries or issues they may have, as well as frequent updates on the effectiveness of your affiliate program.

You may also find areas for improvement and adjust your program by maintaining regular contact with your affiliates.

How Can Crypto Affiliate Programs Help Your Business?

Starting a cryptocurrency affiliate program can help you promote your goods or services, bring in new customers, and increase sales. These methods will help you develop and market an effective affiliate program that achieves your goals and benefits your affiliates. Don't forget to specify your goals, pick the best platform, decide on commission rates and payment schedules, produce marketing collateral, find affiliates, track and evaluate results, and offer assistance and communication. A cryptocurrency affiliate network can be a useful addition to your marketing plan if you go about it the proper way.

Changelly and Binance both offer a leading cryptocurrency affiliate program. They promote crypto affiliate programs for individuals who want to earn commissions by promoting their cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Changelly's affiliate program offers up to 50% revenue share for referred users who make crypto exchange or purchase transactions, and they're the only quick-swap service offering cost per acquisition. Additionally, affiliates can choose from a variety of tools, including banners, referral links, and widgets, to help promote Changelly.

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With the Binance affiliate program, they offer up to 50% commission for referred users who trade on their platform, as well as a variety of other benefits such as a sign-up bonus package and access to professional support and marketing materials. Both programs offer a way for individuals to earn income in the cryptocurrency industry by promoting well-established exchange platforms.

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Compliance is Key

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Compliance with legislation is a key factor to take into account when setting up a cryptocurrency affiliate network. Regulations for cryptocurrencies can differ by nation and region because they are a very new and developing field. To make sure that your crypto or Bitcoin affiliate network or program complies with all relevant laws, it is crucial to speak with legal and financial professionals.

The possibility of affiliate program fraud is another factor to take into account. Spamming, cookie stuffing, and false referrals are examples of fraudulent actions. It's crucial to have reliable tracking and verification procedures in place, as well as clear terms and conditions for affiliates, to prevent fraud.

Advertising a Referral Program

It's crucial to advertise your affiliate program to your current clients and followers in addition to potential affiliates. Existing clients could be eager to become affiliates and spread the word about your goods or services within their networks. Using social media and other marketing channels to promote your affiliate program can also help to raise awareness of it and draw in new affiliates.

Consider providing additional benefits or bonuses to affiliates to motivate them to market your goods or services. These could consist of monetary rewards, exclusive discounts, or admission to exclusive programs. By providing rewards, you can encourage affiliates and boost their participation in your affiliate program.

Last but not least, it's critical to continually assess and improve your affiliate program. This can involve altering commission rates and payment conditions, upgrading marketing collateral, and improving your communication and recruitment tactics. You may maximize your affiliate program's performance and accomplish your goals by continually tweaking it.


Adding a cryptocurrency affiliate program to your marketing plan can be beneficial. By following the instructions in this manual, you may develop and advertise an effective affiliate program that satisfies your goals and benefits your affiliates. Don't forget to specify your goals, pick the best platform, decide on commission rates and payment schedules, produce marketing collateral, find affiliates, track and evaluate results, and offer assistance and communication. With the appropriate strategy, a crypto affiliate program can assist you in raising brand awareness, increasing website traffic, generating new leads, raising sales, and forming alliances with other businesses in the sector.

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