Case Study: NMKR PR and Consulting

Case Study


Client: NMKR

Project: Cardano's Largest NFT Minter

Goal: Establish NMKR as Cardano's premier NFT minters and advisors

About NMKR

Our agency GrowthChain, the exclusive partner of NMKR, Cardano's leading NFT minters, played a pivotal role in advising and empowering new projects entering the Cardano NFT space. Our comprehensive services ranged from strategic consultation to PR and content creation, all geared towards boosting NMKR's SEO and credibility.

NMKR token


NMKR faced the challenge of carving a distinct niche in Cardano's burgeoning NFT sector. Moreover, as an authority, they needed to support and guide new projects seeking to thrive within the Cardano ecosystem.

NMKR Branding

Strategy: Empowerment and PR Excellence

Our approach had two critical components. Primarily, we provided indispensable consultation to NMKR, allowing them to offer valuable guidance to fresh entrants. Simultaneously, we orchestrated a robust PR and content strategy, augmenting NMKR's reputation and online visibility. Our goal was to secure features in esteemed publications, such as the renowned Crypto Potato and many more.



Our partnership bore fruit as NMKR gained amplified recognition and influence. Through strategic PR placements, NMKR secured a standout features, heightening their presence in the crypto industry. As the preferred agency partner for Cardano's eminent NFT pioneers, our holistic strategy bolstered NMKR's status, paving the way for growth and prominence in the dynamic NFT landscape.

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